2014 Nov. 20: New York Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch

taken by Lola with iPhone 5

Where:  Walther Collection, New York.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC1


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC013Muholi being introduced by Artur Walther…


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC5“You’ll have to read the book from back to front” said Zanele Muholi.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC4


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC3


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC012My incredible New York people

From L-R: Artur Walther (owner of Walther Collection), Yancey Richardson (owner of Yancey Richardson Gallery), Catherine Morris (Brooklyn Museum: Sackler Family Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art), Zanele Muholi (photographer) and Judy Hecker (MoMA, Assistant Curator in Department of Prints and Illustrated Books).


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC011Surrounded by beauty… Featuring Ayana Jackson 

2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC9Muholi with Awam Amkpa (Prof. Tisch School of the Arts NYU) who co-initiated the Black Portraitures conference in 2013.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC010Nomonde posing with T. and Giyatri…

2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC8Contemplating… after the book was launched in this space and signing extra copies that Brendan Wattenberg requested me to sign. Am left here with 3 more individuals. Nomonde Mbusi, Brendan and Lola Flash is taking these memorable photos.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC7



About Lola (the photographer)

Flash was born in the United States and is of African/Native American descent. She spent 10yrs in London where she regularly exhibited her work and also attained her MA. A classic Flash photograph ‘Stay afloat, use a rubber’ is part of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanant collection.

Her early work explored notions of colour, sexuality and gender. Her technique relied on the use of cross colour processing in the dark room, an effect which aided her confrontational and questioning style (see the miscellaneous gallery). Cassell publishing used several of these cross-colour works for a series of book covers.

While still in London, Lola embarked on her [sur]passing series, inspired by tales of light skinned black people who would pass as ‘white’ during America’s period of segregation. She expanded the notion of passing to include sexuality and gender. The series carried on after her return to New York where she followed it on with her later series surmise.

Later works, quartet and scents of autumn, saw her move away from portraits and explore colour, light, decay, and what lies between.

As can be seen in her new work, Lola is currently working on images unconstrained by theme.

Lola is available for commissioned work.

Lola is listed at autograph and en foco.



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2014 Nov. 7: Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch in Johannesburg

Where:  Market Photo Workshop

Photos by Lindeka Qampi


2014 Nov. 7 SlyPod_5523

SlyPod featuring in Faces and Phases series…



Text by Amo Senokwane

It was great to finally attend an event organised for Zanele Muholi by Lerato Dumse (a participant in the F&P series and journalist) emotionally supported by Market Photo Workshop (MPW). I had previously not been able to attend any of the events in Cape Town. Moving to Jozi (Johannesburg) is good. The Faces and Phases book launch at MPW was great I must say. The event was well planned and organised, I loved the outdoor setup.

Big up to Zanele Muholi and her team for providing food, drinks and transportation for the masses and of course accommodation for some of us. Thank you Z.

The fact that almost all the participants in Faces and Phases were able to attend was great and getting my second edition of the book was exciting. Upon seeing my story in the book gave me hope that it will inspire one person out there to be brave and follow their dreams and most importantly, to fully trust in God. I was happy to see so many people there, the support shown for Zanele was unbelievable.

I met new people, like Mary Louw, Ziyanda Majozi and Nqobile Zungu – just to mention a few. I also saw a lot of familiar faces which was amazing. The event had ups and downs. The down for me was the guest of honour arriving late and making us wait, which was not cool at all, but you are forgiven Muholi!!!
I was also disappointed by the behaviour that was displayed by some of the people especially when there was a speaker in front trying to address us, there were small meetings being held all over the place.

When Kekeletso Khena (who is also a participant in the series) was addressing the the microphone volume was low at first but was raised and people kept on talking willy nilly!.
I wish that next time our attitude changes and we in turn respect everyone who may have taken their time to come to congratulate and celebrate one of us and encourage some of us.

I was taught that listening is more than just a skill it is RESPECT! Let us respect our own, so that the world can respect us back.

All the best for your future endeavours.


2014 Nov. 7 Muholi signing book for SlyPod_5517


2014 Nov. 7 Ntuthu & Shaz_5546


2014 Nov. 7 Lungile Dladla_5527

Lungile Dladla who is in the book and also authored one of the moving stories published…



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2014 Nov. 17: “I love how my two portraits contradict each other”



2014 Nov. 7 Mary Louw_5528

Our dedicated activist, Mary Louw showing off her copy as she appeared in one of the pages…

2014 Nov. 7 Participants & friends_5536


2014 Nov. 7 Dee Dlamini_5535

Dee Dlamini who authored

2013 Oct. 12: I just feel she deserves much better


2014 Nov. 7 Lebo Mashifane & friend_5543

Lebo Mashifane and her friend…
2014 Nov. 7 Joanne Shaw kaThola_5549Joanne Shaw from Daveyton collected the book for her partner, Thola Sithole.


2014 Nov. 7 Vuvu_5553Vuvu Mtsweni, a proud lesbian mother who told her life story without shame.

2014 Nov. 7 Tumi Bouga & friend_5557Tumi Mkhuma and Phindile ‘Bouga’ Kubeka, both are participants in the book…

2014 Nov. 7 Tumi Mkhuma_5561


2014 Nov. 7 MM_55692014 Nov. 7 MM_5570


2014 Nov. 7 Matshidiso Mofokeng_5571Matshidiso Mofokeng from Vosloorus, she is a great soccer player and activist...

2014 Nov. 7 Sweeto_5576


2014 Nov. 7 Matshidiso & Sweeto_5577Activism will be so boring in Joburg without the voice and humor of Sweeto Mahlatse.
Her dedication to the LGBTI movement in Joburg and beyond led to her being included in the F&P series.

2014 Nov. 7 Palesa Vuvu and Siphiwe_5584Palesa Mkhwebane, Vuvu Mtsweni in front Siphiwe Mbatha, all from Daveyton came to celebrate themselves… 

2014 Nov. 7 F&P book launch 1_5596The strong audience that enjoyed the queer event of the year… 

2014 Nov. 7 Lesego Masilela_5504Lesego Masilela, a fashionista from Daveyton is also featuring in the book… 


More photos to be included sooner…




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2014 Nov. 11: The Artivist and the Doctor

… extracted from ZaVa series (2014)

Camera used: Canon 6D on tripod

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2014 Nov. 11 ZaVa _ PARKTOWN_4796


2014 Nov. 11 ZaVa _ PARKTOWN_4800


2014 Nov. 11 ZaVa _ PARKTOWN_4805


2012, is when we met in Paris…
2 years later feels like 20 years in a lesbian relationship is still ok.
We’ve traveled more than 20 cities within that short period of time
and had our photographs taken
from hotels rooms to any neutral space we discovered as safe.
We’ve been to:
Paris, Johannesburg, Florence (Italy), Durban, Umbria (Italy) , Cape Town, Geneva, Zurich, Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam, Ulm (Germany), Mpumalanga, Mozambique, Sao Paulo, Nice (France), …

We have a lot of differences.
She is a professional and I have my own expertise.
We argue, laugh and cry together.
We irritate each other and when we reconcile she tells me that we’ll reach 80 years together.
She lives in Europe and Me in South Africa.
Let me do not reveal the cities for now though other close friends know where we both live…

Lovemaking is great but sometimes challenging
due to roleplaying and all.
Mind you there is no third party involve in this one
It is just a collaboration between lovers
exploring intimacy fused with art activism
They say, “Love is not a crime…”
Let us all be free to love without fear of prejudice


To be continued…




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2014 Nov. 19: Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch in New York


2014 Nov. 19 Faces and Phases book launch @ Wlater Collection NY

Featuring in Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014). Left – Right Dorothy Magone, Zanele Muholi, Sizile Nkosi-Rongo.                                                                                                      Bottom L-R: Tumi Nkopane, Siya Mcuta and Phila Mbanjwa.




BOOK SIGNING: Zanele Muholi / New York / November 19, 2014

Join The Walther Collection for a special launch celebrating Zanele Muholi’s new book, Faces and Phases: 2006-14, published by The Walther Collection and Steidl.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 from 6:30-8pm

Free and open to the public.

RSVP essential: invitation@walthercollection.com


526 West 26th Street, Suite 718

New York City

From The Walther Collection e-blast:

Zanele Muholi will be present to speak about her art and activism. Signed copies of Faces and Phases: 2006-14 will be available for sale.

In Faces and Phases: 2006-14, Zanele Muholi embarks on a journey of visual activism to ensure black queer and transgender visibility.

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EVENT: Conversations Among Friends / New York / November 17, 2014


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2014 Nov. 17: MoMA talk – Photos of the night

Photos by Lola Flash

Where:  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

2014 Nov. 17 Nomonde _ MoMA talk 5 (6)


2014 Nov. 17 MoMA _ Muholi 2 (3)


2014 Nov. 17 MoMA convo1 (10)


2014 Nov. 17 Muholi & Judy Hecker _ MoMA 3 (7)


2014 Nov. 17 Muholi & Hecker _ MoMA 4 (6)


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2014 Nov. 17: “I love how my two portraits contradict each other”

by Sicka Star-ban

My Faces and Phases journey started in the year 2013 when I met author and visual activist, Zanele Muholi.
I, Nonkululeko Sharon Mthunzi known as Sicka Star-ban, remember her reaction when she first saw my cousin Nontuthuzelo Mduba and I.   Her exact words were “I don’t work with people under the age of 18 years”, we laughed and told her our ages.


The 2013 Mr Daveyton winners. From Left - Right: Nontuthuzelo Mduba, Lebo Magaela and Nonkululeko Sharon Mthunzi.

The 2013 Mr Daveyton winners. From Left – Right: Nontuthuzelo Mduba, Lebo Magaela and Nonkululeko Sharon Mthunzi.


A lot was going on that year. It was our first time entering Mr Lesbian Daveyton and my cousin Ntuthu walked away with the title of First Prince and I with the title Mr Personality. It was also the year I started my music career, and not forgetting that it was the beginning of my Faces and Phases journey. My first photo shoot was the day after the pageant at my home in Daveyton right along with Nontuthuzelo Mduba, Lebogang Magaela who was Mr Lesbian Daveyton 2013 and we were in our formal wear. At first I was nervous because I was not used to huge cameras but I soon relaxed.



Sharon Shaz Mthunzi sm_ Daveyton Johannesburg 2013


Muholi told me to relax and so I did and soon got used to it. From thereon, we took amazing portraits. In the Faces and Phases book, two of my pictures are featured, one which was taken on the day of my first shoot with Muholi and the other which was taken at my home in my bedroom while in my traditional/ancestral clothes. In my hand I carried ishoba lamadlozi. I love how my two portraits contradict each other to the viewer but I am a traditional healer as well as a musician/composer. I straddle two worlds that most people deem highly impossible to mix. They say however that I am the living proof that now can be steeped in their traditions and culture but at the same living and creating in the 21st century, a testament that both elements can exist.


Sharon 'Shaz' Mthunzi 2 _ Daveyton Johannesburg 2014


I have many goals, hopes and dreams – some which I have attained – but I never pictured myself in a book. To me this is extraordinarily beyond what I had set out to achieve in 2014.
2014 is my year because I was crowned Mr Lesbian Daveyton 2014, I am featured in the Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book and my music career is taking gigantic leaps. I had the honor of composing the Faces and Phases song, which I performed at the successful book launch.

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2014 July 10: My remarkable Durban experience








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2014 Nov. 17: Announcement – MoMA present two best South African artists


MoMA announcement The Friends of Education of The Museum of Modern Art present


Conversations: Among Friends, A Perspective on South Africa featuring artist ZANELE MUHOLI and actress NOMONDE MBUSI moderated by Judith B. Hecker, Assistant Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints

Monday, November 17, 2014
7:00 pm program | 8:15 pm reception

Doors open at 6:45 pm

 The Celeste Bartos Theater (T3)
The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building
The Museum of Modern Art
4 West 54 Street

 Tickets ($35 General Admission, $20 Members, $12 Students) may be purchased at The Museum information and film desks, online at MoMA.org, or through The Friends of Education Office.

Presented by The Friends of Education of The Museum of Modern Art as part of the series Conversations: Among Friends, this evening’s program features a conversation between artist Zanele Muholi and actress, director, and playwright Nomonde Mbusi, moderated by Judith B. Hecker, MoMA’s assistant curator for drawings and prints. The program will focus on Muholi’s work as a “visual activist” dedicated to issues of race, gender, and sexuality; and will reflect on this year’s 20th anniversary of democracy in South Africa—still a work in progress. Muholi is best known for her photographic series Faces and Phases, five of which are included in MoMA’s collection.

Begun in 2006, this series portrays black members of the LGBTI community in South Africa and around the world, giving voice to their stories and displacing conventional perceptions. Nomonde Mbusi, one of Muholi’s participants in Faces and Phases and an artist and activist in her own right, joins the discussion. Following the program, guests are invited to continue the conversation at an intimate reception catered by Fantasy Fare in The Cullman Mezzanine. Muholi’s newest book, Zanele Muholi: Faces and Phases 2006–2014 (2014) will be available for purchase and signing by the artist.

Zanele Muholi was born in Umlazi township in Durban, South Africa, and currently lives in Johannesburg. Prior to her photographic journeys, she worked as a human rights activist, raising issues facing black lesbian women in South Africa.

In 2009 she founded Inkanyiso, an organization centered on visual arts, activism, media, and advocacy. Muholi studied at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, and graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto in 2009 with an MFA in documentary media.
She is the winner of awards from the 2009 Rencontres de Bamako African Photography Biennial; the 2013 Carnegie International; and recipient of a 2013 Prince Claus Award.
Muholi’s work has been featured in the 55th Venice Biennale; Documenta 13; the 29th São Paulo Biennial; and has been shown at prestigious museums worldwide. Her work can be found in numerous museum collections including The Museum of Modern Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; South African National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France; Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom; The Menil Collection, Houston; and The Walther Collection, Neu-Ulm, Germany among others. Her award-winning documentary Difficult Love (2010) has been shown at film festivals around the world.


Nomonde Mbusi was trained in dramatic arts at the University of Zululand. Since 1997, she has performed in numerous theater productions and is best known for her role as Fikile in Flipping the Script, a four women show on gender-based violence (2004-07). In 2004 she co-founded Insika Productions with Muholi, where she worked as artistic director and facilitator.  Through Insika, she organized creative arts healing workshops for women survivors of violence in organizations such as POWA-People Opposing Women Abuse and FEW-Forum for the Empowerment of Women. Her recent acting accomplishments include the lead role of Brenda on SABC 1’s drama Usindiso-Redemption, and Thando in Dr. John Kani’s play Nothing but The Truth at the Soweto Theatre, along with several other television and radio performances.


Judith B. Hecker, Assistant Curator in the Department of Drawings and Prints at MoMA, organized Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now: Prints from The Museum of Modern Art (2011), which featured some eighty prints, artist’s books, posters, and wall stencils by artists living in South Africa and acquired for the collection; and co-curated MoMA’s presentation of the touring exhibition William Kentridge: Five Themes (2010), authoring Trace: William Kentridge, Prints from The Museum of Modern Art on the occasion.


Image: Zanele Muholi. Self Portrait. DATE TK. Courtesy Yancey Richardson Gallery.
© 2014 Zanele Muholi;  Zanele Muholi. Nomonde Mbusi, Berea, Johannesburg (detail). 2007. Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery.
© 2014 Zanele Muholi







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