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2015 Aug. 21: Bagwetshiwe abasolwa ngokudlwengula

by Londeka Dlamini BAVELE enkantolo ephakeme e-Port Elizabeth ngo Lwesine abalisa abane abasolwa ngokudlwengula owasifazane ngenxa yobulili bakhe (Corrective Rape). Owesifazane oneminyaka engamashumi amathathu nanye (31) esiligodlile igama lakhe wadlwengulwa, wahlukunyezwa ngesihluku wabelwa nempahla yakhe zingu 29 ku Masingana (January) … Continue reading

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2015 March 24: LGBTIQs of Kayamandi attended the book launch

by Nondi Vokwana The group was invited to attend Faces and Phases (2006-14) book launch by Zanele Muholi held at the University of Cape Town, African Gender Institute on March 24, 2015. Thirteen group members  from the Silubala Safe Space, Kayamandi, … Continue reading

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2015 Feb. 13: From Johannesburg to Oslo

Photo Album by Nontuthuzelo Mduba, Themba Vilakazi and Zanele Muholi   2015 Feb. 10:  Shaz aka “Sicka Starban” Mthunzi was lucky enough to be accompanied by her family to the airport. Her mother is standing on the far left (wearing … Continue reading

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2014 Oct. 8: Beautiful faces and kisses from Soweto Pride 2014

                                                                                … Continue reading

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2014 Sept. 28: An emotional farewell for the recent victim of hate crime

Text by Lerato Dumse Photos by Lindeka Qampi and Zanele Muholi   It is a Sunday morning and like in most townships, the streets of Daveyton township are a buzz of activity. Many carry bibles, making their way to different churches. In … Continue reading

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2014 Sept. 22: The period pains of documenting hate crimes

Text by Lerato Dumse   I sat down for a reflection session with photographers Lindeka Qampi and Zanele Muholi a few days after they documented Gift Makau’s funeral. Muholi requested for the interview as a way of unloading and shedding … Continue reading

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