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2014 July 20: Wet Pride in Paris

by Lindeka Qampi 28/06/2014                                                                         … Continue reading

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2013 Nov. 2: The best performance of Athi Patra Ruga in Paris

Performing The Future white woman of Azania. Procession-deambulation of d’Athi Patra Ruga. Video taken with iPhone 4 by Valerie Thomas in Paris. More on Athi Patra Ruga

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2013 Aug. 22: Photo of the Day

Location: Paris, France. 2013 My gratitude to my dearest friend Laurence Prat for giving me an opportunity to feature in her Warriors’ series. Collaborations are a way to go so we’ll all reach some common goals and also to better realize our visual … Continue reading

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