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2014 Dec. 14: The kiss that moved the church

© Photo by Charmain Carrol @ VMCI – Johannesburg Camera used:  Canon 60D with 75-300 mm lens   What: Bathini Dambuza & Portia Dludlu’s engagement ceremony Union blessed by Pastor Mazibuko       “I always prayed to get married … Continue reading

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2014 Nov. 7: Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch in Johannesburg

Where:  Market Photo Workshop Photos by Lindeka Qampi       Text by Amo Senokwane It was great to finally attend an event organised for Zanele Muholi by Lerato Dumse (a participant in the F&P series and journalist) emotionally supported … Continue reading

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2014 May 8: “I was not aware that this project would be this big”

by Hlengiwe Amanda Nyandeni    My name is Hlengiwe Amanda Nyandeni, but I am better known as China.  I consider myself as a fun, sweet and lovely  individual to be around other people.  I was born on the 15th July … Continue reading

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2014 Oct. 13: See you @ Upcoming Mbokodo Awards 2014

      2013 winners in the different categories are as follows: 1. Women in Indigenous Art: Peki Emmelinah “Nothembi” Mkhwebane 2. Promotion of Language and Story Telling: Nthabiseng Sibanda 3. Creative Writing: Devarakshanam Betty Govinden 4. Poetry: Myesha Jenkins … Continue reading

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2014 Sept. 21: Martha Qumba in conversation with Young female photographers from Aurora GHS

  Aurora High School girls are challenging the male dominated industry by taking extra photography lessons. These Grade 10 and 12 learners from impoverished communities want to become photographers so that they can document their own stories.   The visual … Continue reading

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2014 July 15: “Intombi” – Photo of the Day

Title:  Intombi I … in collaboration with Valerie Thomas, Paris (2014)       (Re)inventing Aesthetic and (Re)imagining Meaning: (Re)creating Black Beauty By Bridget Ngcobo   Zanele Muholi, a black South African visual activist standing in Paris, France stands in … Continue reading

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