2014 Nov. 7: Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch in Johannesburg

Where:  Market Photo Workshop

Photos by Lindeka Qampi


2014 Nov. 7 SlyPod_5523

SlyPod featuring in Faces and Phases series…



Text by Amo Senokwane

It was great to finally attend an event organised for Zanele Muholi by Lerato Dumse (a participant in the F&P series and journalist) emotionally supported by Market Photo Workshop (MPW). I had previously not been able to attend any of the events in Cape Town. Moving to Jozi (Johannesburg) is good. The Faces and Phases book launch at MPW was great I must say. The event was well planned and organised, I loved the outdoor setup.

Big up to Zanele Muholi and her team for providing food, drinks and transportation for the masses and of course accommodation for some of us. Thank you Z.

The fact that almost all the participants in Faces and Phases were able to attend was great and getting my second edition of the book was exciting. Upon seeing my story in the book gave me hope that it will inspire one person out there to be brave and follow their dreams and most importantly, to fully trust in God. I was happy to see so many people there, the support shown for Zanele was unbelievable.

I met new people, like Mary Louw, Ziyanda Majozi and Nqobile Zungu – just to mention a few. I also saw a lot of familiar faces which was amazing. The event had ups and downs. The down for me was the guest of honour arriving late and making us wait, which was not cool at all, but you are forgiven Muholi!!!
I was also disappointed by the behaviour that was displayed by some of the people especially when there was a speaker in front trying to address us, there were small meetings being held all over the place.

When Kekeletso Khena (who is also a participant in the series) was addressing the the microphone volume was low at first but was raised and people kept on talking willy nilly!.
I wish that next time our attitude changes and we in turn respect everyone who may have taken their time to come to congratulate and celebrate one of us and encourage some of us.

I was taught that listening is more than just a skill it is RESPECT! Let us respect our own, so that the world can respect us back.

All the best for your future endeavours.


2014 Nov. 7 Muholi signing book for SlyPod_5517


2014 Nov. 7 Ntuthu & Shaz_5546


2014 Nov. 7 Lungile Dladla_5527

Lungile Dladla who is in the book and also authored one of the moving stories published…



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2014 Nov. 7 Mary Louw_5528

Our dedicated activist, Mary Louw showing off her copy as she appeared in one of the pages…

2014 Nov. 7 Participants & friends_5536


2014 Nov. 7 Dee Dlamini_5535

Dee Dlamini who authored

2013 Oct. 12: I just feel she deserves much better


2014 Nov. 7 Lebo Mashifane & friend_5543

Lebo Mashifane and her friend…
2014 Nov. 7 Joanne Shaw kaThola_5549Joanne Shaw from Daveyton collected the book for her partner, Thola Sithole.


2014 Nov. 7 Vuvu_5553Vuvu Mtsweni, a proud lesbian mother who told her life story without shame.

2014 Nov. 7 Tumi Bouga & friend_5557Tumi Mkhuma and Phindile ‘Bouga’ Kubeka, both are participants in the book…

2014 Nov. 7 Tumi Mkhuma_5561


2014 Nov. 7 MM_55692014 Nov. 7 MM_5570


2014 Nov. 7 Matshidiso Mofokeng_5571Matshidiso Mofokeng from Vosloorus, she is a great soccer player and activist...

2014 Nov. 7 Sweeto_5576


2014 Nov. 7 Matshidiso & Sweeto_5577Activism will be so boring in Joburg without the voice and humor of Sweeto Mahlatse.
Her dedication to the LGBTI movement in Joburg and beyond led to her being included in the F&P series.

2014 Nov. 7 Palesa Vuvu and Siphiwe_5584Palesa Mkhwebane, Vuvu Mtsweni in front Siphiwe Mbatha, all from Daveyton came to celebrate themselves… 

2014 Nov. 7 F&P book launch 1_5596The strong audience that enjoyed the queer event of the year… 

2014 Nov. 7 Lesego Masilela_5504Lesego Masilela, a fashionista from Daveyton is also featuring in the book… 


More photos to be included sooner…




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