2015 March 25: Photos from Faces and Phases book launch @ AGI – UCT

Where: African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town
What:  Launched Faces and Phases book launch
When:  24th Mar. 2015
Photos by Lindeka Qampi/ Inkanyiso (2015)
See the portraits of each participants in the book as per captions below

Part I

2015 Mar.24 Lumka Stemela_7500Faces and Phases (2006-14) book cover… featuring Lumka Stemela.



2015 Mar 24 Siba Christie Siphokazi_7586New Faces and Phases, Siba & Christie… the new publication with Siphokazi Kula (yellow dress)

2015 Mar.24 Chunky Sly Lihle_7523Participants: Left and centre (Nwabisa ‘Choonky’ Sikweyiya and Selaelo Mannya) with a friend Sihle.
p.243 and 104


2015 Mar.24 Vuvu Mdaka_7502Vuvu Mdaka… in page 236


2015 Mar.24 Lerato & Lihle_7558Faces and Phases project co-ordinator Lerato Dumse and Sihle
p.57, 113


2015 Mar.24 Sisipho & son Oyi_7599Participant and activist Sisipho Ndzuzo and her son Oyi…
p.88, 170

2015 Mar.24 Linda & Prince_7573
Centred, Prince ‘Mezzow; Tancu… and friends.
Check p.214





2015 Mar.24 Terra & Siphokazi best_7629Friends and participants:  Thembela ‘Terra’ Dick and Siphokazi Kula
p.181, 283


2015 Mar.24 Sisipho & friend_7545


2015 Mar.24 Muholi & Lumka Stemela_7518Muholi and Lumka Stemela
p.119, 322


2015 Mar.24 Lerato Maduna_7488Lerato Maduna, the photographer in full support.


2015 Mar. 24 Sly & Lumka_7498Sly and Lumka.
p.104  and  133


2015 Mar.24 Sisipho & Nori_7619


2015 Mar.24 Anelisa Mfo_7490Anelisa Mfo

2015 Mar.25 Olivia Shelley Muholi_7473L-R: Olivia Coetzee (Writer and filmmaker), Shelley Barry (Filmmaker) and Muholi.

2015 Mar.24 Mbekweni friends_7461Members of the black lesbian community in Mbekweni, seated in front.

2015 Mar.24 Siphokazi_7463Siphokazi Kula


2015 Mar 24 Nox Amanda & friend_7225Listening attentively is Amanda Gxwalintloko (far right wearing a grey hat)…
with friends.


More photos to be included sooner.


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