2015 March 20: Faces and Phases book launch at UCT African Gender Institute




The Stevenson Exhibition Gallery and the African Gender Institute cordially invite you to the launch of ‘Faces & Phases‘ by Zanele Muholi.

Zanele Muholi is a photographer and visual activist who affirms and celebrates the multiplicity of human identity and sexuality. Representing the black female body in an honest and compelling way, her intimate portrayal of love reveals beauty and tenderness, and asserts the joy of close relationships with radical and liberating energy. Zanele Muholi’s Faces and Phases portraits were created between 2013 and 2014 and form part of an expanding archive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in South Africa. Muholi’s integrity and affinity with those she photographs establishes deep trust and creates dignified visual statements.
In addition, she has done important work on hate crimes against LGBT people, the trials of perpetrators and funerals of victims.

Please RSVP to Hilda Ferguson (hilda.ferguson@uct.ac.za / 021 650 4102)


Centre for African Studies Gallery (Harry Oppenheimer Building, UCT)



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