2014 Sept. 26: Visual diary from Ulm, Germany

… where the new Faces and Phases book was launched at Volkshochschule Ulm.de

The event started with an introduction by Dagmar Engels (director atVH_Ulm.de)  seated on the right and Artur Walther (publisher and owner of Walther Collection).
Then I was in conversation with them both, Anna Strauss (curator) from Walther Collection and Dagmar…


Anna Muholi Dagmar_6044In the photo above I am responding to their questions for the audience to get the context of my work…


Dagmar Muholi Anna & Artur_6052… with Dagmar Engels, (me) Muholi, Anna Strauss and Artur Walther on the far right

Details of new Faces and Phases (2006-2014) are as follows:

My updated bio:

Muholi signing F&P book for Susanne_6076At the time for book signing … with Susanne.


Exhibition attendees2_6072About 100 individuals were in attendance…


exhibition attendees @VH_Ulm_de_6074


Difficult Love screening @VH_Ulm_de by Zanele Muholi_6080Difficult Love (2010) was screened after the presentation and book presentation…


Erla Fritzi & Muholi by Valerie Thomas_6055With my new friends Erla (left) and Fritzi (centre)


20 yrs free SA_5865… the events are still ongoing. Nomfusi will be performing on Tues., 30 Sept. ’14




2014 Sept. Frauentreff prog_5867I got this programm from Frauentreff haus…


© Photos by Valerie Thomas and Zanele Muholi (2014)



Click on the links below for press related articles




2014 Sept. 25 newspaper article_5866

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7 Responses to 2014 Sept. 26: Visual diary from Ulm, Germany

  1. Palesa Moloi says:

    Hi! Zan, I look back from where you began and i cannot stop smiling to myself. I am proud of you. You really made a huge difference in your life and in other people’s lives (The LGBTI community).

    May God continue blessing you

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