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2015 Jan. 3: I dropped out of the closet many times

“It is a story about my coming out, its more significant than any part of my life history” Being who I am should not compromise who you are. The road to coming out was not easy. I was born in … Continue reading

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2014 Dec. 29: Reflection for the end of 2014

  2014 is fast drawing to an end. For some it has been a challenging year, while for others, it was smooth sailing. In all that has happened we need to thank God for the good and the bad that we … Continue reading

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2014 April 5: “We are being killed for nothing”

  A impression by Signe Tveskov __________________________ Performance: Maureen Velile Majola & Jelena Kuljic Video: “Isililo” by Zanele Muholi Where:  Constanza Macraz/ Dorkypark – Studio 44. Berlin   Heavy sounds of breathing. The sounds are somehow disturbing. We don’t know if it … Continue reading

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2014 March 14: A video of Ayanda and Nhlanhla Moremi’s wedding

  4 months later … marital bliss. Ayanda Magoloza got married to Nhlanhla Moremi on the 9th Nov. 2013 in Katlehong. They exchanged the vows at Kwanele Park in Katlehong. Their wedding union was blessed by Pastor Tebogo Moema of Dominion … Continue reading

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2014 Feb. 5: Love Conquers All

by Amogelang Senokwane Growing up, we were always told that charity begins at home.  What you were taught at home is what we exhibit to the outside world.  The church is of God and it is supposed to teach the … Continue reading

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2013 Dec. 15: Photos from the funeral of the recently murdered lesbian in Ratanda

Who: Maleshwane Emely Radebe Identity: Black Lesbian Born : 25th Aug. 1977 Murdered on: 7th Dec. 2013 Buried on: 14th Dec. 2013 Buried Where : Ekuthuleni Graveyard, Ext. 23 Residence: Ratanda, Johannesburg. South Africa What: Sustained a stab wound and … Continue reading

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2013 Sept. 19: Ikhiphe Icwecwe layo lokuqala i Victory Ministries (VMCI)

  by Londeka Dlamini Likhiphe icwecwe lalo lokuqala iqembu lendumiso phecelezi i Worship team yebandla lodumo laseThekwini iVictory Ministries International phansi kobuholi buka Mfundisi uZungu. Uma uke waya eVMCI uphinde ubuyele ngendlela omnandi ngakhona umculo waleliqembu lihambisana no Zithulele Khwela obashayela … Continue reading

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2013 Aug. 12: Sizakele and Salome’s commemoration hit a slump

by Maureen Majola and Olive Legobye Meadowlands, Soweto. Johannesburg Braving hard rain, Olive Legobye‪ and Inkanyiso productions made their way to the meadowlands police station on Friday the 9th of August 2013. They found a group of +- 30 men … Continue reading

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2013 Aug. 18: Konke enikwenzayo kwenzeni ngothando

by Londeka Siba Dlamini   Siyithimba leNkanyiso sibusiseke kakhulu namhlanje kuyi Sonto sihlanganyele nebandla iVictory Ministries eseThekwini phansi kobuholi buka Pastor Zinzi Zungu. Lelibandla kwabanye libukeka njengento engabusisekile ngoba lemukela izitabane kodwa wembuleka amehlo uma uzinika ithuba lokuhlanganyela nazo, ubone … Continue reading

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2013 June 22: Lesbians wed in the broad daylight

An article translated by Christie  Two lesbians from Chesterville, Kwa Zulu- Natal tied the knot on Saturday the 15th June 2013, Ziningi Ndlela got married to Delisile Ncengwa, and they were married by Pastor Zinzi Zungu from the church they attend, … Continue reading

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