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2014 May 15: Shameless You

by Maureen Velile Majola In your search for Love In all the people who are loved Who are in stable relationships You’ve had to smile and laugh with their partners only to ease the guilt in your bitchy heart Everyone … Continue reading

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2014 May 7: Voices of Some Black Queer Born Frees

by Maureen Velile Majola   I was born in 1990 and am considered one of  “Mandela’s grandchildren” – a generation of children born at or after the fall of apartheid.  We are also known as the ‘born frees’.  The minute … Continue reading

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2014 April 5: “We are being killed for nothing”

  A impression by Signe Tveskov __________________________ Performance: Maureen Velile Majola & Jelena Kuljic Video: “Isililo” by Zanele Muholi Where:  Constanza Macraz/ Dorkypark – Studio 44. Berlin   Heavy sounds of breathing. The sounds are somehow disturbing. We don’t know if it … Continue reading

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2014 April 5: ‘Sifela i Ayikho’ photos

  L-R: Jelena Kuljic and Maureen Velile Majola at backstage before their performance at Studio 44, Constanza Macras in Berlin last night.      Jelena Kuljic about to sing “Senzeni na?”  Maureen Majola lit the candles and prayed hard… God … Continue reading

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2014 March 29: Is it violence or love between two men?

by Maureen Velile Majola When two men from two different worlds redefine what it means to be a man, to show emotions and express oneself, their worlds collide through dance and they create a powerful piece that shows emotions one … Continue reading

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2014 April 1: This is not April fool but our reality

  … A photo of the day by Zanele Muholi, featuring Maureen Velile Majola rehearsing ‘Sifela i Ayikho’ to be performed at Constanza Macras STUDIO 44, BERLIN on Sat. , 5th April 2014. More photos to be added later…

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