2014 May 15: Shameless You

by Maureen Velile Majola

In your search for Love
In all the people who are loved
Who are in stable relationships

You’ve had to smile and laugh with their partners only to ease the guilt in your bitchy heart

Everyone thought you’re “good”
You “love” people
And you’re “supportive”

Kanti all this was a cover up of what you really like

You love taken people
you envy other peoples hard work in making their relationships work

You have a nice ass that you use
To mealy get them into bed
Have meaningless sex and start thinking they will leave their partners for you

Shameless you!
You have undressed for every thing that looked happy with their partner
With hopes you will get the same love or happiness

Stupid you!
After being warned several times
You still throw you miserable self on people partners

How stupid can you be?
You’ve been doing this for so many years

Flaunting your immoral self
All over peoples beds
Asking to be fucked
Begging to be umakwapheni

Sisi westabane
When will you learn that sex
Will not make them love you

That “they”
Only see you as a place of releasing their frustrations then go back to the ones they love

When will you see that
No matter how wide you open
Your stupid shameless self will never be worthy to be called someone’s wife

They all leave
The same way they got in

You let them in
On your pussy
You gave it all away

For what?
For shameless fuck, that left you empty and lonely again?

Stop this
Stop it
For it will get you no where
But back in someone’s bed
Doing the same rounds all over again.




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2 Responses to 2014 May 15: Shameless You

  1. Yaya Mavundla says:

    Oh my! WOW

  2. smanga10 says:

    Wow, this is soon powerful. Thank you for putting it out there.

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