2014 May 14: Talented Ugandan Kuchus in Paris



What:  “We Are One” performance by TUK – Paris
Where:  Salle Olympe de Gouge
15, rue Merlin – Paris

When:  14th May 2014
@ 8 P.M.

In Uganda, lesbians and gay men are the targets of relentless hateful policies. The “anti-homosexuality” law, which makes both homosexual relations (real or accused) and ‘promoting homosexuality’ punishable by prison has forced Ugandan lesbians and gay men to go underground.
– Joel Ssepuya.

Cineffable and partners proudly presented the Talented Ugandan Kuchus for an evening of solidarity.  The group performed “We Are One” a mix of dance and song in response to the growing repression of LGBT people in Uganda.
The group of activist artists created a show condemning homophobia and the persecution of LGBT people.
Banned in Uganda, the show is being reinterpreted by exiled performers seeking exile in France.

Donations from the show will go into a fund to help support these gender and sexual-orientation refugees, while they go through the long and arduous process of obtaining asylum in France.


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