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2014 Dec. 14: The kiss that moved the church

© Photo by Charmain Carrol @ VMCI – Johannesburg Camera used:  Canon 60D with 75-300 mm lens   What: Bathini Dambuza & Portia Dludlu’s engagement ceremony Union blessed by Pastor Mazibuko       “I always prayed to get married … Continue reading

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2014 July 13: A sincere thank you to all my ex lovers

by Sade Langa   It has taken me a marriage to even think of writing such! When my exes broke up with me, I was heartbroken. I even had stalking tendencies. I checked them out from a distance, asked people … Continue reading

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2013 June 16: Zishade libalele izitabane

by Londeka Dlamini Zibophe ifindo likasofa silahlane izitabane zesifazane zasendaweni yase Chesterville esifundazweni saKwaZulu Natal ngoMgqibelo. UZininzi Ndlela ubeshadelwa uDelisile Ncengwa beshadiswa umfundisi Zinzi Zungu webandla abakhonza kulo iVictory Ministries Church International (VMCI). Beziphume ngobuningi bazo izitabane ziswenke ziconsa ukuzohalalisela … Continue reading

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