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2014 Nov. 26: Freedom…that’s all we need

We write letters into ANCient scrolls with ANCient mentalities that refuses to act now… We recite poems into dead societies with zombies in suits and big bellies.. Nobody hears us, we are in the basement of their thoughts… long forgotten … Continue reading

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2014 Aug. 11: My experiences of Paris, Mpumalanga and Durban Gay Pride

by Luh Cele My perseverance and the love of the game once upon a time resulted in a progressive life of meeting interesting people and travel abroad. In this note I’d like to share share my lifetime experiences, of pride marches … Continue reading

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2014 July 14: A healer is laid to rest

All photos by Charmain Carrol 12/07/2014                                                                   May … Continue reading

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2013 Aug. 15: The documentation of black LGBTI in South Africa

Uncomfortable political representations and the public imagination by Jeremiah Sepotokele. The documentation of lives of the black Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex (LGBTI) community remains one of the most socially and politically contested space in South Africa. Documentation is a powerful instrument … Continue reading

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