2014 Nov. 26: Freedom…that’s all we need

We write letters into ANCient scrolls
with ANCient mentalities that refuses to act now…
We recite poems into dead societies with zombies in suits and big bellies..
Nobody hears us, we are in the basement of their thoughts…
long forgotten but remembered when we are needed to perform a task…
Our revolutionary acts may go on, but guess what?
We are only just cheerleaders at a morgue, better yet at a cemetery..

They undress you…
Fuck you until the lust filled souls cums into your dreams, into your hopes..
Your rights and your dignity…
This disease manifested cum spreading flies that are eating away at your visions..
Don’t you see?
It’s all just a fucking political orgy.
Screw me, screw you and screw the rest!

You are a whore of society…
Tell me…
How many times will you write about it?
How many times must you read about it?
How many innocent lives should rot in hell until you know and get it?
How many brave deeds does the world need?
Wasn’t Vietnam enough?
Isn’t the death of one innocent soul enough to drive Jesus nuts?
Isn’t the dark murky society rotten enough with a pungent smell enough to suffocate any evil left in this world?

Society you are evil…
We’ve been told we are going to hell…
Oh let me tell you something, nothing can be more hellish than your twisted minds…
Society you are hell..
Unless of course we are pussies with nine lives then we can endure another hell…
We live in hell, with hell and to think our destination is still another hell is laughable.
How many hells does one soul goes through?
Because one hell is enough..

We dress in shame and hide our wrists with silent chains…
We love with fearful hearts and terrified souls…
It seems like our vaginas have created a war within your souls…
A raging beast that thinks a penis is a master…
Well penis…
You are nothing but a sharp rod pointing at the direction of hell.

What makes you a MAN??
Your ability to look at a short skirt and stand in ovation?
oh wait wait..
Your perversity to look at an infants vagina and get a hard on?
…are you serious?
What on God’s earth do you think you are doing?
Don’t you see?
That child is the future!
Yours, MINES and OURS you sick paedophile..
Your mentality to see a woman and see some object that needs to be dicked down in order to correct their choices is inhumane..
Who do you think you are?
Who told you that power lies in the size of your damn god forbidden penis?

We are running around carrying our grandmothers anguish..
Our little sisters cries…
Our babies innocence
Our nieces pleas
Our mothers go into labour every time we miss a minute to get home.
You have killed the bond…
We live in fear…
Incase they strike..
Incase we fall victim..
Incase we get stoned for being ourselves..
Incase we…
Incase we run out of strength.

We are carrying corpses as hearts..
We are dying of menstrual pains every time a woman gets raped..
Every time a woman gets abused.
We are all mothers whether we have caesarean sections or no sections at all.
Whether we have miscarriages countless times because the new pure souls are scared to come join us in this hell..
We all feel right in our guts every time another woman suffers, the feeling is intense, every time we are left holding our sides, bending as if we will pray,
The feeling forces us to to get on our knees and stand in the gap in prayer for one another..
The invisible umbilical chords of the babies connects us and creates an atmosphere of love, hope and faith.
We bleed for our sisters we’ve lost in this hell..
Our babies cribs are empty..
Our rocking chairs are sad.
But their cries never left us…
They won’t leave us..

Until our vaginas are free..
Until our bodies are protected..
Until.. Until our minds are healed..
We just need freedom that’s all..
You can never put a price or vote for that…
Be kind… always.


by Thuthula Sodumo
© 2014




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3 Responses to 2014 Nov. 26: Freedom…that’s all we need

  1. Jacx says:

    Love this poem, thank you!1

  2. Love this poem, thank you!!

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