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2013 May 10: Akhona’s Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 album

by Akhona Hailele The question we left with was: Where were the black lesbian contestants at the Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 to create what is ‘supposed’ to be a gender balance. Related article 2013 May 11: Actually, absolutely, definitely NO!

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2013 May 11: Actually, absolutely, definitely NO!

by Kopano Sibeko Those were the words expressed by one of the beauty queens failing to answer the question at the first ever Miss Gay Limpopo hosted by Limpopo Proudly Out LGBTI group on the 10th May 2013 at Blue … Continue reading

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2013 April 16: Not just a handsome butch lesbian

by Kopano Sibeko A smile that warms up the room and a walk that encourages a stare, Cordelia Mfazwe fondly known as ‘Collen’ is out-spoken. She greets me shyly as she plays with her cap to avoid eye contact. She … Continue reading

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