2013 May 10: Akhona’s Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 album

2013 May 10:  Akhona's Miss Gay Limpopo album

Ycer the winner of Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 with two fingers in the air…

by Akhona Hailele

3 beauties_1794

6 beauties_1795

kwaito s_1872


three beauties_1802


winner & fan_1853

winner announced_1811

winners & judges_1835

winners jubilant_1830

winners on stage_1825

winners on stage_1829

winners smiles_1827

ycer & cindy_1815

ycer & friendly fan_1855

The question we left with was: Where were the black lesbian contestants at the Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 to create what is ‘supposed’ to be a gender balance.

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3 Responses to 2013 May 10: Akhona’s Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 album

  1. But my question is why is it dat are neva really any black FEMME lesbians at the Miss Gay competitions iv noticed it on many occassions in Durban where the fem members of the community feel like just bystanders and not part of a rich vibrant community at events like these because mostly the gay black men and the butch or tom black women are represented. I hope I am being fair in my question its just been my observation and how I have felt for years now.

  2. I have a question that stems from that question, why it that within the Lgbti community we find that the most represented members are black flamboyant gay men and black butch lesbian women ? If my observations serve me correct I have never seen an event that has successful included every one into it especially the pageants such as these Miss Gay and so on. Where can we then start to build a home that cares and caters for all members of it?

  3. Charmain Carrol says:

    Akhona great work, the pictures tell a story, I feel like I was at Limpopo pride just by looking at your pictures.

    Your pictures are Effortless


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