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2014 July 20: Wet Pride in Paris

by Lindeka Qampi 28/06/2014                                                                         … Continue reading

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2014 July 19: Paris post cards from Cite Des Arts

Birthday self portraits by Zanele Muholi …@Cite Des Arts in Paris. In commemoration of my late mother, Bester Muholi who gave birth to me and endured the constraints of birthing.           more photos to be included … Continue reading

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2014 July 14: The French National Day in Paris

… also known as Bastille is celebrated by throughout every year on the 14th of July. Read more about this.             © Zanele Muholi 14/07/2014   … taken with Canon 6D and 200mm lens from the balcony … Continue reading

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2014 June 20: Difficult Screenings

By Pam Dlungwana   Where We’re At! Other Voices on Gender is an exhibition curated by Christine Eyene at the Bozar Palais Des Beaux-Arts Brussels as part of the month of Photography 2014. As a curatorial project it aimed to … Continue reading

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2013 Oct. 25: Black Lesbian French artist paints Mandela

My name is Pauline N’Gouala, I’m 27 and I live in Paris. I am an artist who likes to use art as a mirror. I am a fraternal twin and as a child I thought that everyone had the same … Continue reading

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2013 July 15: The virus has become a silent relative

by Kopano Sibeko “It’s amazing how the death of someone can also be a blessing” shares Thembela ‘Terra’ Dick. She walks me on a tale of how her sister, Thembi Ngubane’s memorial service was the day her life really started. … Continue reading

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2013 March 17: Paris Is Burning with Candles…

 photo by Zanele Muholi in Paris (March 17,2013) VEILLEE COMMEMORATIVE Candlelight ceremony When Quand: le 17 Mars 2013 Where Où: Angle av. de la Cascade – Av. Edouard Petit, Paris 19 (Métro Botzaris) When Heure: @ 18h00 Inkanyiso & Les … Continue reading

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