2014 July 14: The French National Day in Paris

… also known as Bastille is celebrated by throughout every year on the 14th of July.
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Eiffel tower_4188


2014 July 14 Eiffel Tower_4277




eiffel tower blue_4182


Eiffel Tower1_4273

God gave us Eiffel Tower_4159

© Zanele Muholi


… taken with Canon 6D and 200mm lens from the balcony of my lover’s apartment in Belleville, Paris.

Firecrackers next to

Eiffel Tower, the most visited site in France.



Previous photos of Eiffel Tower


2013 Nov. 4: Confronting the Eiffel Tower with the lens



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1 Response to 2014 July 14: The French National Day in Paris

  1. What an experience this was Zanele.

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