2014 July 13: ” Give children cameras not candies”


School portraits from Aurora Girls High School, through the eyes of photography learners.


Sindi & Nhlanhla_6524


2014 April 16
our participants, Sindi and Nhlanhla playing with the background we used for students’ portraits.



a fellow student peeping out after class…


ever smiling Nhlanhla who is also in the visual project.

I don’t know why Tshili was so serious that day.
She is also in the photo project and capturing amazing visuals.




umfundi2_6523I like this portrait so much… Who is she shooting?


Kamo Petlele_6212
Young and sensible Kamo Petlele

sindi_6526Peace out, Sindi.

Thobza look so cool and calm in this one…

Linda & Lindeka_6517

Behind every successful learner there is a woman.
Linda and Lindeka are working tirelessly with the photography learners to meet their goals… 


Photographs by learners will be included sooner.


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2014 July 12: From Soweto to Paris for the love of photography



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11 Responses to 2014 July 13: ” Give children cameras not candies”

  1. lu gwen nkosi says:

    Yaa, this is surprising day by day. I am following each move. Good work!!!

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  3. yv says:

    woow, i’m amazed everyday by your great ideas and projects.

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