2014 Sept. 30: “I truly love Cape Town”

Photo album by Ntombifuthi Shabalala from Aurora Girls High School

My first visit to eKapa for the Cape Town Month of Photography where we presented our projects at Labia Theatre amongst other experts.

where am I?_0069Colourful homes, a good view in Muizenberg beach…

we live here_0074


we are not here_0079Get yourself wet my chomies…

we are not here_0080My friends friends are experiencing the beach for the first time since we do not have one in Johannesburg…

we are not here_0081My friends from Young Female Photographers (Aurora Girls High School), Nhlanhla Maluleka (left) and Mthabiseni Mbhele (right)…

nobody is there_0092


nobody is there_0104A surfer in Fish Hoek beach…

somebody is ther_0142Stillness…

colourful beach house structure_0064


beach house in muizenberg cape town_0067Colour heals… even beach goers…


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Mail & Guardian made a mention of some yfl two weeks ago and the link is:

Previous PhotoXP

Thanks once again.










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