2014 Oct. 2: Long trip to Cape Town from Johannesburg

Photo album by Nonhlanhla Maluleka (17) from Aurora Girls High – 2014 Photo XP young female photographers…


2014 Sept. 25 Deedorens 2_0154Passing De Doorns informal settlements on way to Cape Town




2014 Sept. 25 Dedoorens on way to CT_0153De Doorns II


2014 Sept. 26 Landscape to Cape Town by    _0103Breasted mountains of the Western Cape and blue sky… a view from the bus


2014 Sept. 26 Ntombifuthi portrait by _ Cape Town_0400

My school mate and 2014 Photo XP group member travelled with us, the Big 4 from Aurora Girls …


2014 Oct. 2 The Article

The Cape Times article (2014/10/02) that featured Ntombifuthi Shabalala, Kamo Petlele and Mthabiseni Mbhele‘s photographs presented at Cape Town Month of Photography



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Mail & Guardian made a mention of some yfl two weeks ago and the link is:

Previous PhotoXP

Thanks once again.






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4 Responses to 2014 Oct. 2: Long trip to Cape Town from Johannesburg

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  2. yv says:

    Gosh i love this country. i love south africa for real!

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