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2019 April. 10: The pain of losing Miss Tee Menu

Tributes continue to pour in for Miss Tee Menu, a gentle soul who was known and loved by many. The community of Daveyton, a Township located on the east of Johannesburg  and the LGBTI community in different parts of South … Continue reading

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2014 Dec. 1: “I lost my mom, she died in my hands”

My name is Sifiso Leornard Nkosi known as Candice. I was born on the 9th May 1987 in Tsakane, Eastrand, Johannesburg. I was raised by my grandmother, and my mother. My grandmother played an important part in my life. The … Continue reading

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2014 Oct. 15: A letter to my Mom

by Sibahle Nkumbi Sometimes I feel that we get so caught up on our same gender love and forget about where we come from… That sacred and safe space is ever forgotten. We hardly give a bunch of roses to … Continue reading

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2014 Oct. 15: Dignified funeral for LGBTI and HIV activist

by Lerato Dumse Kind, compassionate, diligent and loving are some of the words used by speakers, to describe Musa Williams (47). How he performed his duties at work, and his activism fighting for the rights of LGBTI and HIV positive … Continue reading

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2014 Aug. 24: Queers Against hate crimes Mo(u)rning the loss of Disebo Gift Makau

photo by Zanele Muholi featuring Odidi Mfenyana       … work in progress!!!   Related articles 2014 Aug. 19: Makau family mourns the brutal murder of their beloved                  

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2014 July 16: Through the eyes of young women photographers

  2014 June, 3rd Lindeka Qampi sharing her PhotoXP experience to Valerie Thomas “I am proud of the Aurora visual project. It is a very powerful and strong project, if I were to compare it with previous projects I have … Continue reading

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2014 July 14: A healer is laid to rest

All photos by Charmain Carrol 12/07/2014                                                                   May … Continue reading

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2013 Aug. 24: After the funeral at Mina Nawe

Missing in the photo were:  Kopano Sibeko, Lerato Dumse, Thekwane Mpisholo and Zandile Makhubu. Where/ What: After the funeral of Collen Mfazwe’s grandmother, we had our group photo taken by a member of AmaQhawe Choir. Camera used: Canon 60d with … Continue reading

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2013 May 20: Faith for Destiny Living

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you’re trudging seems all up hill, when the funds are low and the debts are high, and you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is … Continue reading

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2013 May 15: SA Task Team representatives fail the LGBTI community

by Lesego Tlhwale 20 lesbian and gay individuals have been killed across South Africa since 2011 alone, including the recent case of Patricia ‘Pat’ Mashigo (36) who was brutally murdered in Daveyton township, Ekurhuleni district. Some of the cases happened … Continue reading

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