2014 Oct. 5: “The best day of their lives”

by Mlungisi Msomi

The day I married my best friend changed my life forever! Everyone always says their wedding day is “the best day of their lives” and I believe it was for me as well… but it seems like since that day, August 7 2014, my life with Sekara just keeps getting better and better!


2014 Oct. 5 Sekara & Mlu_1779

Sekara and Mlu, two month later after their best wedding. © Photo by Lindeka Qampi (2014/10/05)


We have come up with 7 Ways to Stay Best Friends Forever with your Husband! I know this is one of the most important things a marriage needs to stay healthy and I hope one or two of these points can help you and your man!

  1. Pray together – Spirituality has a biggest role in our life, we pray for each other daily, praying together each time we leave the house make us feel strong happy and safe as we approach the outside world
  2. Date Night – We got married at sunset on Thursday; we have put aside Thursday evening as date nights. We dress up to our best, and hit the mall for a well planned and prepared romantic outing.
  3. Surprises – Planning a surprise for a person you stay with, and share everything with is not easy but the good thing is, it makes you think of that person until the time of the event. And hiding as surprise is so fun and romantic. I will see with the smile on his face every time he looks at me and I will know he is up to something, and if the event if few days ahead, he will be glowing and blushing until the surprise is revealed.
  4. Sharing – When we met we practiced sharing, We share all login details, from gadgets to e-mails, face book and cell phones. It’s been two months since we married and we already have common friends.
  5. Everyone needs to feel love – The beauty of being in a same sex marriage is the common benefits and responsibilities we share. I care and love my husband the same way he does to me.
  6. Share beautiful moments and laugh together – bad times always catch people off guard but good times needs to be planned, budgeted for and prepare for.
  7. Grow and Change together – Getting married is a huge step in life, off course life will change. We help each other to make the life changing process to be joyful and successful. I am now part of his Family which is in another country and just got myself another set of beautiful parents, same as him; my parents got one more son which is another bunch of joy.

To be honest, our life now is far better and is getting more fulfilling as we walk together this life journey. In the past two months, we flew to Zambia, Zimbabwe and drove to Swaziland as well as Lesotho as a couple. We really enjoy all the benefits of recognizing the same sex relationships in Africa and legalizing the same sex marriages.



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2 Responses to 2014 Oct. 5: “The best day of their lives”

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  2. Bobo says:

    I am forever proud of you two my angels

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