2015 Aug. 19: Time really flies when you are having fun

by Mlu Msomi & Sekara Mafisa

We had big plans for our golden anniversary this year. But time just flew, before we knew it the day had arrived.

We had a beautiful garden winter sunset wedding at the Val Verde Eco Hotel in Lammemoor. Pastor John Klooper of Reforming Church, gave quite an inspiring and motivating sermon directed not just to the weds, but to the guests who are married and those who are still planning to get married. The sermon was followed by the ceremony, with exchanging of vows, flowers and beautiful rings.


20150816 Sekara & Mlu_151833


The wedding reception, dinner and dance lasted until midnight. Attended by selected guests but celebrated by thousands, the wedding celebration was more than what we expected. We celebrated our first week, a month, seventy days, one hundred days and before we knew it, happy anniversary messages were flowing in from difference social media platforms.

Our golden year brought more happiness than years before we were married. Reforming Church has been more than just a church but a home, a family with siblings through Christ. During our golden year we have learned to pray and read the bible together. We always look forward to sit on those long wooden benches, holding hands as we praise and pray together each Sunday we attend. Sharing tea and enjoying fellowship with other church members after each service taught us to love, to share and serve others.


20150815 Sekara & Mlu anniversary_182257



The wedding celebration ran almost the whole year. We began our honeymoon travelling the Mpumalanga province as a married couple. People loved to see us as we holding hands, sharing a meal with faces full of joy and love. The Mpumalanga trip encouraged us to travel Africa. Wherever we went to we needed no introduction as a couple. Even on our trip to, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho we left people believing that, the wedding yoke is much easy if the parties are of the same sex.

August 7, 2015 marked our golden wedding anniversary; we thought the best way to celebrate is to watch the sunrise under the trees where the LGBTI rights have been demonstrated over the years. We had a hearty breakfast at the Zoo Lake in Rosebank. Followed by walk and a drive on the same trails where the parade and demonstrations has been held to get the LGBTI where it is today. We spend the day responding to Wedding Anniversary messages from friends and family, as we were preparing for the long night of clubbing.

The clubbing started at the Fourways famous Rodzio, with dinner, dance and few drinks with lifetime friends Gugu and Zanele. We left early to join the drag performances at the Beefcakes in Illovo, Sandton and ended our night at the Liquid Blue in Melville.
Cape Town tour gave us the new beginning as we approach our red anniversary. City sight-seeing, winelands visit and clubbing at the famous Waterkant Village are just highlights of the three days spent in the Mother City. We are really planning to tour Africa once more before crossing the oceans.

Together we managed to write seven African LGBTI themed films, the first film My Name Is Rose was released in May and screened for the first time at the Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. We had an interesting busy winter as we make more arrangements to have our second film scheduled to be released early this summer. After the final film release late next year, we are planning a global tour to screen all seven films and to give us more chance to work together as a family.


20150816 Mlu & Sekara _141316


10 days later, the celebrations are still going on. We shared the anniversary cake at the Roots Restaurant and Gallery in Soweto with friends including Lindeka Qampi and Linda Mankazana. Both Lindeka and Linda joined us in the main table a year ago as we were cutting the wedding cake. Still have celebrations lined up throughout the month. And we can never forget the support we are getting from the LGBTI Community and close friends. As for now we have a lifetime wedding celebration ahead of us.


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