2014 July 19: Paris post cards from Cite Des Arts

Birthday self portraits by Zanele Muholi

…@Cite Des Arts in Paris.

In commemoration of my late mother, Bester Muholi who gave birth to me and endured the constraints of birthing.


2014 July 19 Muholi xsm @Cite Des Arts in PARIS_5668



for my mama with love1


for my mama with love 2


more photos to be included sooner.






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3 Responses to 2014 July 19: Paris post cards from Cite Des Arts

  1. lungile says:

    Sometimes i dont understand your work but I get this sense of a strong message being sent.

  2. lungilepm says:

    Its very provocative, which is always the case with most of your work, almost like you are fighting with the audience to see something not clear to them, a sorta exxageration.

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