2015 Aug. 2: Untitled

I bring nothing but shame to the family

Dear parents, those are your words
Community, society and religion clouds your
judgment towards me, why do they matter?.

Look beyond shame and regret then you’ll see
I am a loving, caring daughter who yearns for nothing
but acceptance
Have you ever thought for a second how I feel?
I am the only one in the family, Being different hurts.

The day I was born, mom you were filled with joy
I was your blessing from the creator, our God
Suddenly I’m a curse, nothing but shame
My sexuality has negatively gained me fame
I am the latest trend
I feel betrayed and let down
Inside me there are flames
Why can’t I be loved the same?

I need no deliverance but acceptance in abundance
I am no punishment from God as they have announced
You always say God’s love is unconditional,
why is it conditioned towards me?.

You see my sexuality as a made choice
Listen to me when I say, no sane person would chose
homosexuality if it was a given choice
Tell me why Mmmmh.

Why would I choose mockery and insults
Why would I choose an automated life of being a victim?
A victim of rejection and molestation
Resentment and punishment from my own flesh and
A life of living in fear?
Fear of being true to myself, free to be who I am, fear of
expressing myself as I wish to?.

Chase me I don’t care
Killing me won’t change me, I’ll die homosexual
Resent me
I’ll find my path
Reject me
I’ll be subjected to something greater.
All I need is acceptance, it starts with you mom and dad,
you are what matters
If I get acceptance from you the rest will follow

© NkN



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