2015 July 7: From a broken heart

by Leptie Phume

In life we fall in love more than twice and get hurt twice as much.
We tell ourselves that we are better off alone, until that one person comes into the picture.
Enters your life and changes your perception about love once more.

You start to see and feel it in a different way, you give love a chance and believe that the person who is invading your heart is your queen and she was created just for you.

She gives you hope that she will make you happy, so much that you forget to leave some room for disappointments. You love with every thing, from your hair follicles to your toe cuticles. And when you have fallen in love so hard, she throws your love back in your face and leaves you to drown in your own thoughts and tears.

No matter how much you dedicated your time in the relationship, she brushes that off.
No matter how much you are willing to fight for “US” she still walks away and doesn’t even look back.

These kinds of people teach you to never be fooled by love. You know why?
To some people your emotions/feelings are toys, something to play with when ever they feel like it. And when they finally get bored of the toy they throw it away and look for a more interesting one.

A good friend of mine once said “Love will leave you unfocused” at that time it was a joke. I didn’t understand what she meant but now I know better. Love is for all of us. It is not for the faint hearted. Just be content that you love wholeheartedly because some people love with their minds.

She broke your heart?
It’s fine, with time you will heal and get over her. What about memories made you ask? Well, cherish them. There’s nothing that hurts more than trying to erase memories, made with that one person you once thought was your forever.

I would normally say, “don’t walk away, fight for what you really want,” but what if what you want doesn’t want you? Let go and let God.
“If one door closes another one opens,” I’d like to think this phrase also applies to relationships.

Keep in mind, God knows there will be unfair situations, that is why he arranged a come back for every setback and a beginning for every ending…


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