2014 May 27: You’re a beauty


Let your beauty speak..
In a world so diluted by greed..
So artificial nothing is real..
Smile faked..
They tell their fate…

Let beauty speaks..
Let it lulls you into scented dreams..
Beautiful meanders..
Wondrous waterfalls..

Let beauty speaks..
Let it glow from your eyes and tell beautiful stories..
Let it take you heart dancing and cleanse your soul..

Let beauty speaks..
In the way you walk..
The way you dress, so elegant and classy.
The words you utter..
Let them heal a thousand of wounded souls..
Let beauty be an elixir of life..

Let beauty speaks..
In the things you do.
Your ever so hilarious humor..
The joy you bring to each and everyone around you..
The hidden meanings in your smile that would melt the whole of Iceland..

Let beauty speaks..
In the deeds you do..
In the way you walk, the command you shout to the earth..

Let it be the reason you do what you do best..
Let it take you anywhere..
For beauty will never take you where you shouldn’t be..

Let beauty speak..
Let it build and heal..
What you touch must be a blessing..
What you don’t be a lesson..

Let beauty speak..
And whisper sweet nothing to me:-)
Be kind.always.


by Thuthula Sodumo

© 2014




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