2014 March 14: A video of Ayanda and Nhlanhla Moremi’s wedding


4 months later … marital bliss.

Ayanda Magoloza got married to Nhlanhla Moremi on the 9th Nov. 2013 in Katlehong.
They exchanged the vows at Kwanele Park in Katlehong.
Their wedding union was blessed by Pastor Tebogo Moema of Dominion Life Ministry Church.
Later that day the wedding proceedings took place in Vosloorus township at Nhlanhla’s home.

The video was captured by Nqobile Zungu, Themba Vilakazi and Zanele Muholi.
Edited by Malibongwe Swane for Inkanyiso Productions (2013)
Translated by Nomfundo Mgabadeli.


Ayanda & Nhlanhla Moremi’s wedding transcript


Pastor Moema: Corinthians 14:1 says; above all else seek love, love doesn’t seek its own, love seeks the other’s interest more than its own, love forgives, love has got understanding.


Andile: Hi, I’m Andile, …
Ayanda I wish you well in your marriage.

Nonka: I’m Andile’s bride maid and friend, I hope she stays happy and that her marriage walks hand in hand with God so that it will last forever, I’m happy for you girl.

Sister: I’m one of the bride’s maids, I wish my sister joy in her relationship as well as all the obstacles they still need to overcome that they trust in God because ‘Through God’s Grace anything is possible.’

Ayanda’s AuntAyanda we as your family love you, please respect Nhlanhla,
love each other and enjoy your marriage.

Thobeka Mavundla: She’s a beauty, a natural beauty.  All I can tell you is that you have opened up a path for us. We see you and we will hear from you how marriage is before we commit as well.

Ayanda’s Aunt: You have made a decision, not many make this decision, and these days people don’t get married they just live together. Today when they said the ceremony would start at 10am, my tummy started turning and I started thinking about your mother, my sister…if she was here…you have chosen who you want to marry and that has nothing to do with us. You and Nhlanhla must be strong till the end.

Pastor Moema: There is love above all, love remains and love is the greatest. Even if I can doll out everything, give to the poor, sacrifice even my own body, but if I don’t have love, the whole process is diminished to nihilism, it is nothing.

Vows: I take you today, as my wedded spouse, to love, to cherish, to celebrate you, in sickness, in good times, when we are bounding. When we do not have, I will always be by your side. I will hold you, lock you into my heart, as a bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, my mate, my soul mate.
I say to you, I do.

Nhlanhla Moremi: With these rings, it’s a symbol of unification, remember at all times when you look at them, that I, Nhlanhla love you.

Pastor Moema: Father bless this couple, bless them to be one, let that which God has put together, let no man separate declare you today married spouses, we bless you.

Nhlanhla’s Mother: I am very proud, when Nhlanhla turned 15, like any 15 year old boy, Nhlanhla’s voice changed. Nhlanhla‘s movements changed, and became a boy. As I stand here before you, I want to tell you not to be confused because I am not confused. Nhlanhla is mine. Nhlanhla is not a lesbian, Nhlanhla is not lesbian, he is a gentleman. I have two sons and two daughters.

Zanele Muholi: History is to be made, for those who are allergic to photos, it makes no sense. It is nice to be together when people get married and are happy because most times, the community comes together only when a lesbian has been abused or killed.
We end up saying ‘Amandla. Amandla’ knowing very well that we are powerless to the one of us that has been killed.

Featuring in Zanele Muholi's Faces & Phases. Ayanda Magoloza, Kwanele South, Katlehong, Johannesburg, 2012

Featuring in Zanele Muholi’s Faces & Phases.
Ayanda Magoloza, Kwanele South, Katlehong, Johannesburg, 2012

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Lesbian couple seal their bond

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8 Responses to 2014 March 14: A video of Ayanda and Nhlanhla Moremi’s wedding

  1. tolckers says:

    This is so incredibly beautiful! Ayandla and Nhlanhla I wish you many years of joy and love together.

  2. MJ says:

    WOW…nice and well organised guys,I wish you many more years together.

  3. webpage says:

    I particularly like your new article on 2014 March 14: A video of Ayanda
    and Nhlanhla Moremis wedding and I will be back again…


  4. Yvaine says:

    omg, the song on 9:44, i don’t know what they saying but it’s so beautiful, the happiness it’s overwhelming. Be blessed with much more joy and love beautiful people!

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