2014 March 13: SA Black Lesbian invades San Francisco

2014 March 13:   SA Black Lesbian invades San Francisco

Happiness written in those faces as Sly captured a ‘selfie’ with some members of the Lyric SF Youth

… that is Selaelo ‘Sly’ Mannya sharing knowledge with Lyric SF LGBT Youth.

Last night I met a group of students ranging between ages 14 to 18.
They are part of a collective called The Lyric SF Youth , which serves as a platform to educate LGBTIQ youth community about themselves.
I was honoured to meet a group of innocent, curious minds with an urge to learn about the world beyond theirs.
Misconceptions were clarified, myths rectified and lessons shared.

The positive turn to the Lyric youth visit is that it has equipped me with enough to start a similar program for South African youth.

Where:  San Francisco, California

What: Guest star/ Activist talk with Lyric SF Youth

Photos by Zanele Muholi

Camera used:  Canon 100d with 17-55mm lens, f-stop 2.8

So many questions were asked by innocent youngsters, for an example:

– How do you find other queer folks?

– Do mixed race people face any discrimination for being gay and mixed?

– What do you think about gayness being in the genes (science)?

– Is there any difference between ‘curative rape’ and female genital mutilation (FGM)?

– What do South African queer/ LGBT individuals do to protect themselves?

Each person was requested to introduce him/herself and tell if they have watched any film or documentary from South Africa or Africa.
The responses were disappointing, 10/11 never watched any film/ documentary made in South Africa or African continent.
But that was not a big deal, we learnt so much about the SF Queer history and also shared what we know from our shores.


Jasmin & Sly_3447

lyric members_3370

Lyric SF Lgbt youth_3379

Lyric SF LGBT Youth_3375

Lyric SF LGBTI Youth_3378

Lyric SF members_3371

Part of American History_3355

Sly and Lyric SF_3407

Sly and Lyric Youth_3406

Sly Selfie wt Lyric SF_3398



US history_3453

Sly & Muholi wt Lyric SF youth_3435

Anthony on the left_3443

sly and_3438

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5 Responses to 2014 March 13: SA Black Lesbian invades San Francisco

  1. mpho mathivha says:

    good to see people like me all together, it gives me hope and caurage to stay true to myself. So many challanges, more especially in our work place. people expect you to live under their expetation. i guess its a strugle that will never end anytime soon. if we can embrace one another and stick together, respect ourself’ maybe oneday will find peace.

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