2013 Dec. 15: Photos from the funeral of the recently murdered lesbian in Ratanda

2013 Dec. 15:  Photos from the funeral of the recently murdered lesbian in Ratanda

Seated in front of the late Maleshwane’s coffin is her uncle on the left and mother in the centre
© Photos by Charmain Carrol
(14 Dec. 2013)

Who: Maleshwane Emely Radebe

Identity: Black Lesbian

Born : 25th Aug. 1977

Murdered on: 7th Dec. 2013

Buried on: 14th Dec. 2013

Buried Where : Ekuthuleni Graveyard, Ext. 23

Residence: Ratanda, Johannesburg. South Africa

What: Sustained a stab wound and died on spot after being attacked alongside her girlfriend in their shack.
The girlfriend managed to escape and survived with stab wounds on her face, arm and thigh.

Survived by her mother, 3 nieces and 2 children born by the nieces.

Report/ article to follow on this recent incident.

ID Radebe_3730

the shack - crime scene_3677

the shack_3690

Radebe's family home where the night vigil took place on the 13th Dec. 2013

Radebe’s family home where the night vigil took place on the 13th Dec. 2013

Radebe's mom_3726

lesbian activists_3766

Lesbian activists protesting_3779

Friends after tears_4120

Emely's friends_4146

Sesi & friend_3771

Mahudi & Nomsa Vala_4140

Lerato after tears_4127

Nunu Sigasa shedding tears during the funeral service...

Nunu Sigasa shedding tears during the funeral service…


pallbearer s_3980

pastor tebogo ntoedi_4019

coffin before being lowered_4011

Rest In Peace_4081

The mother mourning the sudden death of her daughter who was the sole breadwinner at home

The mother mourning the sudden death of her daughter who was the sole breadwinner at home


Radebe's uncle who spoke on behalf of the family

Radebe’s uncle who spoke on behalf of the family

a friend sobbing bitterly_3857

sobbing supporters_3870

Friends and supporters who came to the funeral...

Friends and supporters who came to the funeral…


Maleshwane's burial site at Ekuthuleni Graveyard in Ratanda

Maleshwane’s burial site at Ekuthuleni Graveyard in Ratanda

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28 Responses to 2013 Dec. 15: Photos from the funeral of the recently murdered lesbian in Ratanda

  1. Lusanda Hlafuna says:

    Props to Inkanyiso and various other relevant organisations, I would like to join such organisation as Inkanyiso do you have any branches around Cape Town.

  2. Jan says:

    ….my heart is broken …again……

  3. phindile says:

    It is so sad what they doing, I alomost lost my woman this year they staped her so bad I thank god she is alive, and I ask God to change the thinking of those who think we not welcome in this world!

  4. Malady brown says:


  5. simangele says:

    This is rather sad… How do u encourage those who are lesbian 2 be proud if we are killing them… Just becoz I sleep with gals doesn’t mean I’m any different I’m as normal as it gets.. Indeed I breath I eat why dnt we wanna understand we different on the outside but inside we are da same.. Lesbians must stand together let’s show them dat nothing and no one will stop or change me this is who I am a Proud lesbian… Lala nxolo… Good job inkanyiso yall did a great job…

  6. Nokuthula khoza says:


  7. Palesa Mahlatsi says:

    Hi,I am not a Lesbian bt what this dogs r doing is sh#t. What do they have against LGBTI??? Who r we 2 JUDGE?

  8. nocawe says:

    M speechlss *crying*

  9. Fran White says:

    I am so sorry to learn about this. I hope that her girlfriend was not too badly hurt. She will have enough to do to heal her spirits.

  10. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Mmmh kwaze kwabuhluingu nokho kodwa engingakusho ukuthi amaLesnian akake angathembi kakhulu abantu besilisa babafake ehakethi babeze ngamasheyn abo cos bagcina ngokubakhela uzungu lokukubulala cos kuyiqiniso elingeke lwaphikiswa umuntu ukuthi abantu besilisa abayithandi lento yobutabane kulesikhathi sonyaka bengizothi ake siJabule sizibheke namalesbian ayeke ukuphuza namadoda ukuza sizophepha kulababulali abangena nembeza siyabonga kwiNkanyiso kuyinselela enkulu kuthina esisele ukuthi sibheke ukuthi si socializer nobani cos umuntu obulele leButch umuntu oyaziyo akusiye umuntu ongayazi bayasibulalala kodwa angeke siphele basazalwa abanye LALA NGOXOLO QHAWE umdeni sinawo ngemikhuleke sonke silahlekelwe

  11. Winny M says:

    only God knows. Those that take away the lives of others will deal with God alone. let us leave everything to Him. HE KNOWS BEST.

  12. Gaia says:

    love love love love love love love love love respect love respect love
    i am learning boxing and use to do selfdefense, to get strong strong love.
    embrace all you

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  14. Devine says:

    How in the world do people live with themselves after doing this. How does one stand tall and proud after this

  15. I am once again left without words…wishing that emotions were also not there…but what I feel right is also indescribable…I want to say I feel numb…but I would be lying because numbness means there’s no feeling but the anger, the pain and the confusion I feel is so overwhelming that it is hard to put into words…I had the same feeling when Ms. Anene Booysen was discovered, when I read about the two Diepsloot toddlers that were raped and murdered and left in a toilet… the young lady that was found on the side of the road with a toilet brush inside her vigina? The many Lesbians murdered so frequently…I go into silent mode and extreme sadness with many questions…Why? I go into silent mode in attempting to figure out why…who and why and why? To figure out how we are going to win this war…if we will ever win this war against the brutality towards the vulnerable…is there progress? Who is listening, are we reaching these killers and perpetrators at all?
    When it comes to violence towards Gays and Lesbians…I note -and stand to be corrected- that it mostly happens at night…? am I correct? if the homophobic, the attackers feel so convicted about the correctness and the necessity of the killing of Lesbians, why do it in the night and not in brought day light for all to see and applaud? The truth is that they (perpetrators) know they are wrong and that it is because of their weakness and feeling of inadequacy and lack of interesting lives that they devote their time to hurting others…
    I take it that they want to get rid of Lesbians because Lesbians are different to them? That they cannot relate or understand and disagree with the lifestyle? If this is the case then how is it different from religion? Christianity, Buddhism, Jew, Satanists? Are we then saying that we should be killing each other so that only one religion exists? and the different races? and ethnic groups…? And who dicides which will live on? Why are we able to accept other differences and not this one…? And if you do not like it…why not leave it alone?

    It unfortunately translates to stupidity, narrow mindedness and ignorance doesn’t it?

    Bottom line for me, and I hope for you too, is that we cannot give up the fight…even though at times it feels like we are fighting a losing battle we should continue because it is our sisters, our grandmothers, children, aunts, nieces and nephews that are brutally attacked, killed and raped just because they are vulnerable…or different?
    We must fight on…in every way and everywhere possible…in our different spaces and environments that we influence, lets educate, educate and educate some more…make noise…do whatever we can to impact and bring about the change we want to see…
    We cannot give up now!

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  22. Zuchero says:

    *crying* its so sad to be a butch u don’t know when are they coming for your life, I too am a butch lesbian

  23. homepage says:

    Hi there!
    I really enjoy your site!! Quality job on the concept of your page.

    Bye for now

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  25. DJ MAVUTHELA says:

    Mara why can’t it stop……..why can’t other people accept who we are???………..

    Am also a young LESBIAN BUTCH

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