2014 May 3: Inkanyiso crew is a family

2014 May 3:   Inkanyiso crew is a family

L-R: Collen Mfazwe, Charmain Carrol, Lynne Carrol, Miss T. Menu, Akhona Hailele, Smanga Shange, Zandile Makhubu and Maureen Velile Majola


‘We Exist’
What: Self timed photo

Camera used:  Canon 6D with 50mm, 1:4 lens
More group photos to be posted here…


Previous articles by individuals featuring in this photo
by Collen Mfazwe


2013 July 13:  Picturing Duduzile Zozo’s funeral

2013 July 9:  Living in and loving the lesbian boarding house in Hillbrow


by Charmain Carrol


2013 Dec.15:  Photos from the funeral of the recently murdered lesbian in Ratanda


2013 Feb. 8: “Let your voices be heard”

by Lynne Carrol

2013 June 25:  The Men In My Life


2012 May 14:  Expelled from school due to mother’s sexuality???
by Miss T. Menu
Articles to be included later…


by Akhona Hailele

2013 May 10:  Akhona’s Miss Gay Limpopo 2013 album


2013 April 19:   Inkanyiso crew and friends


by Smanga Shange

2014 May 2:   Photo of the night
More articles to be added later


by Zandile Makhubu

2013 June 1:  Zandile’s 21st birthday photos


2013 July 11:  Inkanyiso crew members penetrates offshore


by Maureen Velile Majola

2014 April 5:  “We are being killed for nothing”


2013 Nov.6:  Moving On To Only Stay Behind






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