2012 May 14: Expelled from school due to mother s sexuality???

by Lynne Carrol

I’m sitting here and looking at my exam timetable, stressing on my study schedule.

So I can’t imagine in this hectic time being expelled at school just because my mother is a lesbian.

A young boy from Mpumalanga is facing expulsion from Secunda Highveld Christian School because his parents are a married lesbian couple. They have been told to split or the child will be expelled, this story made headlines in South Africa and abroad last week. The principal together with a pastor present called the two mothers to the school and told them their sexuality is “problematic”. Now I fail to understand why people use religion to discriminate. Doesn’t the Bible says “Thou shall not judge”.

The South African Constitution protects us in this country.

It states every child has a right to education.

People shouldn’t be discriminated based on their sexual orientation. Same sex marriages are legal, have been since 2006 in South Africa.

Even if the parents do split up, it will just add on to the long list of single parents and it will not stop the two women from being lesbian. This boy has dealt with the worst kind of child abuse; facing the possibility of losing one of his mums.

His right to education is being threatened. I mean, I get that they are homophobic but depriving an innocent child of his “future”.

What does his mother being a lesbian have to do with his abilities to learn?
To be a productive member of society.

My mother is a lesbian and is openly lesbian if I may say so.  I grew up around the gay community and I have never experienced that sort of discrimination anywhere not even at school.  I’ve never been expelled and I don’t think it would be fair for me to be expelled because of my mother’s sexual orientation.
I also wonder what support is the lesbian couple getting from other black lesbian mothers who might or not going through the same dilemma.
Am worried that many children have suffered silently at schools in South Africa, either because they are young homosexuals who do not have the power to express themselves in front of homophobic educators, or fearing of being bullied by other schoolmates who might be heterosexuals.
With this reflection I’d like to call upon all children born by same sex partners either married or not to join forces with me and end homophobia directed at lesbian, bisexual, transgender  and intersex youth.
* We don’t want to suffer due to one’s sexuality or gender expression. I don’t want to see any person like me be denied education because of his or her mother or father’s sexuality or gender expression.
* Let us do away with any phobias: Racism; Homophobia; Lesbophobia; Xenophobia in South Africa; Africa and beyond borders.

Read more on the article published by Sowetan newspaper on 2nd May 2013, titled

Lesbian couple’s son faces expulsion

Legally married Samantha, 27, and Kally Mabe, 26, told The Star newspaper that they were called to a meeting with the principal of Secunda Highveld Christian School and were told their homosexuality was problematic…

About Lynne

Lynn is a 17 year old person who doesn’t like to be gendered and very conscious minded  and have some understanding about basic LGBT politics in South Africa.
Currently doing Grade 11 at a high school in Heidelberg.

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9 Responses to 2012 May 14: Expelled from school due to mother s sexuality???

  1. Lynn, first i would like to say that i am very proud of you. you are still a child yourself but your reasoning is so sound and evidence that us as lesbian mothers can raise kids who are very intelligent, very aware of politics and have a mind that is concise to issues facing that LGBTI family. when Zanele Mojolo first shared the article about the child who could face expulsion from school because of the parent’s sexuality, this is what i said to her:

    i do not know of any lesbian mothers but i am a lesbian mother myself, i have a 7 year old son, doing grade 2. he is staying with my mom back home in kzn. but as soon as i graduate i’ll take him to stay with me. i read the article in the sowetan, and i was so touched and so furious at what the school did to the child and the parents, and the thing is, i am studying to be a teacher myself and there is no where in the educational theory, whether it be philosophy, sociology, psychology or curriculum where it is stated that children should only be allowed to have schooling if they have heterosexual parents. every child has a right to education and its not pedagogically moral or sensitive to exclude a child like that.. the parents can actually sue the teachers and the school because they do have a valid case… okwabo is to abide by the curriculum and teach children, they can only start intervening in the child’s background and personal issues if they prove to disturb the child in school academically…. eish, this is not on…

    we really have to fight this, i has to stop. i am also discriminated against because i am a lesbian teacher, but for me i have learnt to deal with it and have accepted the homophobic behaviors that are in the communities that we reside in. but for my son to have to deal with such, it is a NO, NO… i would fight till Jesus (the one they refer to when they hate on us) comes back. we really have to join forces in fighting this.. we have to write about it till our stories and our letters pill up the Parliament floors, we have to speak and shout if we have to till the walls of discrimination against our children fall down.. in the last piece of work i wrote is said… “let me speak, let me live, let me love, let me teach.”

    once again. i am proud of you child.

    *i know this is a long response* lol ..

  2. Well, I am a lesbian mother myself, my daughter will be turning 11 this year, her school has a non-discrimination policy in which Sexual Orientation is included. I have gone through such dilemma although not to that extend. I remember starting a group for lesbian mothers in 2006, which later faided away when I left the organisation. It remains vital to voice our concerns, anything to help with that matter in Secunda, please let me know, we can not allow such barbaric behaviour in our society.

  3. This is even worse because its coming from a place were we expect such discrimination should be prohibited.Such a sad thing to do worse to a child why punish the poor kid for something her own parents decided to be like really such small minded people…you these people who claim to be all holy holy are the ones with worse skeletons in their closets nje all I can say is fuck them the school will just take the kid back weather they like it on not and if them kids are giving you a problem juts halla at me will kick their asses for you…lol

  4. i meant Zanele Muholi in my comment. she is the one who first shared the story from the paper with us.

  5. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I to locate It really helpful & it assisted me out a lot. I hope to give something again and assist other people like you aided me.

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  7. Lynne (aka Ninja) I love you and you really make me proud ❤ Well articulated and very deep!

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