2013 May 25: Obsessed about Thandiswa Mazwai

2013 May 25:    Loving Thandiswa Mazwai

The much loved Thandiswa during her performance at Bassline…


The night we never forget was when Thandiswa Mazwai performed at Bassline, Newtown. Johannesburg during the Africa Day celebration.
One of the female music lover could not contain her love for King Tha, she even threw her bra on stage… expressing her obsession.
God knows who that was…
Not only is she a good musician but has Feminist sense/s as well.
She is probably the solo artist of our times to be so generous and work tirelessly with a women’s band.
Thandiswa, we love you!!!

Photos by Zanele Muholi

thandiswa & band5_3429
member of thandiswa's band_3353 thandiswa2_3339  thandiswa4_3419
thandiswa & nolwazi_3330
thandiswa s band_3324

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