2013 Nov. 6: Moving On To Only Stay Behind



There are amazing particles in life that we miss because
we look too hard for all the wrongs of our past

We compare
two things from two different worlds
Because we travel new roads with old shoes
We are bound to think we’ve stepped on the same stones
before holding on has become our biggest fear
Just trying one more time is a big impossibility
Because we’ve been told too many times that giving up,
letting go and moving on
Is the only way to stay sane

We move too quickly
To only stay behind
Who told us we should leave when we want to stay?

What happened to following your heart?
Is it because of the pains of your past
that you buried with all your dreams
that you were told they too hard reach?

When did we become so immune to pain
We protect our hearts from hurting yet pain is a part of life

How do we expect to live without pain nor disappointments?

I want to get real
Tell the truth
and admit to wanting more than I utter

What really happened to
“I believe in Love”
I will stay in love
I will give my all
I will pray hard
I will hold on
I will keep moving
and never will I compare oil with water

Who changed our hearts?
Why did we allow them
to inflict so much pain and forget
to take the lessons in it all

Moving in circles
Going round and round
Looking for a problem
A tiny mistake
Just to start a fight

And feel alive after saying a few words
you’ll later regret and ask to be forgiven

When do we really own up to our mistakes
and accept defeat

In which year did you change?
Do you still remember who you were?
before all the scars that are covered with make up?
Who is this reflection you see on the mirror?
Do you recognize anything about it?
When did you start looking like the rest?
Sounding like all the other retards
Walking in the same direction as the rest?

When did YOU die only to wake up
to a duplicate of yourself
How come we rejoice in fake celebrations that
have separated us from our spirituality?

Can you still draw a line if I give you a ruler and a pen?

Will you be able to move with the times
but carry YOURSELF in it?

But when did carrying yourself become so hard?
Who told you
You need to be something else other than who you are?

What went wrong in love?
In self love?
How come you don’t see
your own reflection in the water anymore?

© Maureen Velile Majola


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