2013 June 1: Zandile’s 21st birthday photos

Zandile receives coming of age kiss from Gogo

Zandile receives coming of age kiss from Gogo

zandile & dudu_4092
lerato & cc_4128
zandile egiya_4049
Actually Zandile turned 21 on 10th May 2013 but the party was held
on the 1st June 2013.

zan & grandparents_4169
collen & baby girl_4000

zan & family_4148


zan s cousin_4142

zan + brother_4071
zan mom & relatives_4155

inkomo iyahlatshwa_3641
inyama le_3324

L-R: Zandile's mother, Dudu; Nqobile and Zandile

L-R: Zandile’s mother, Dudu; Nqobile and Zandile

Text by Lerato Dumse

After a visit to my great grandmother friday morning,to deliver a cake for her birth day. I rushed home to collect my bags, on my way to Alexandra east of Johannesburg.

Zandile ‘Zeeany’ Makhubu, a member of Inkanyiso productions, turned 21 on the 10th of May 2013 and celebrated it with a party on the 1st of June.

Arriving at Zeeany’s home on Friday evening, there was hype and activity with a joyous mood and the smell of cakes in the oven penetrating my nose. After putting down my bags I joined Inkanyiso crew, together with relatives peeling vegetables in preparation for the next day. Ms Party was scarce, as she had to study for an exam the morning of her party.

The first part was a cultural celebration in the afternoon. We were given a signal that she’s on her way. Singing and dancing, family & friends were dressed in their traditional attire, met up with her at her street corner.

She arrived wearing her own Zulu regalia, and joined us parading up and down her local street. We returned home where the elders spoke to her.  She was welcomed into adulthood given advise on how to carry herself for a long and fruitful life.

All the speakers from her grandparents, aunts and mother spoke of a respectful young woman that she is, urging her to keep it like that and how they are so proud of Zandile.

Kopano Sibeko shared her reflections on the second part, which began at night.

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Our belated birthday wishes goes to:
Nqobile Zungu, born on 15th May ….
Donna Smith, whose birth was on the 2nd June 2013.

Photos by Inkanyiso crew:
Charmain Carrol; Collen Mfazwe; Mandisa Mchiza;
Maureen Velile Majola and Nqobile Zungu.

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