2014 May 7: Voting for the first time today

by Sebenzile Nkosi


I’ve been up since 4:34 am in Johannesburg, South Africa.
I know I’m a bit over excited that I will be voting for the first time today.  Although I was old enough to vote in the past two elections, I just never bothered myself.
It is sad now when I think about it, yet there are so many things that make other people to decide to not get involved. I wish most of them don’t leave things be.
What would be good to see, would be to see the party that I’m going to vote for make a change that will be for the best in this country.

I somehow know that African National Congress (ANC) will win again, although it is going to be a close running this year again, but maybe there is a miracle out there somewhere and we might get a different better party, like Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), who knows.
I don’t even know who I’m going to vote for, I know I have to make my vote count, it might not make a difference in putting that party in power but I hope it puts them in parliament.

I want to vote for a party that will make living in South Africa a safe experience, job creation, space to grow for the country and it’s individuals, low crime rate, a forceful hand on crime and crime prevention.
Makes me wonder who the people in prison will vote for, I bet they will vote for African National Congress (ANC) most of them so they can keep the comfort they have and maybe get more.

It hasn’t been that bad maybe, maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places.
I’m thinking United Democratic Movement (UDM), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)…?
I need someone who will protect my rights as a homosexual in this country, coming to think about it I haven’t had of any homosexual being killed since these crusades for votes started, but yet again they haven’t solved the hate crime cases that are still outstanding.
Surely the people who have been doing this for a while aren’t as bothered, here I am and partner, Sade is fast asleep. I bet she’ll have a fit if I told her that I want us to be there first thing when they open.

Exactly how many voting stations are here?
I know of one, but I wouldn’t want to be standing there forever if it turned out that it is the one and only one around here.
Now I’m thinking what if there is more than one and we end up in the one that’s mostly packed,
It promises to be a good day. I hope it brings about change for the better.



About the author

Sebenzile is a music teacher. Currently lives and work in the South of Johannesburg and shares their home with her partner, Sade and their son.
She is also an avid freestyle writer and has previously contributed her text to Inkanyiso.


NB:  Please note that this article contains the author’s personal opinion.










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