2013 July 13: Picturing Duduzile Zozo’s funeral

2013 July 13:   Picturing Duduzile Zozo's funeral

Photos by Collen Mfazwe

Where: Church Hall & Kromvleiplaas cemetery, Thokoza township, Johannesburg
What:  Duduzile Zozo’s funeral
When: 13/07/2013
How many: More than 500 people attended.
Who: Mostly political parties and black lesbians…
Camera used:  Canon 60D with zoom lens EF-S 17-55mm lens
f-stop 1:4-5.6





family bereavement_8139


dz beginning_7821

ANC women_7939













Lebo Sweeto & Lungi_8324

family @da cemetery_8304



cemetery nabantu_8363

dz coffin_8350

umfundisi nebandla lakhe_8481

umhlabathi emhlabeni_8383

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24 Responses to 2013 July 13: Picturing Duduzile Zozo’s funeral

  1. pulane lebese says:

    The LGBTI came out in numbers, we are here to stay. The is no freedom in this country for as long as we not equal!!!

  2. kelly ndlovu says:

    its sad we that every year people in SA celebrate freedom day yet the LGBTI community is not free. on the other hand the government is only concerned when someone in our community is brutally killed, if that does not happen they dont have a voice, all we hear is their silent voices. if the government had our backs this wouldnt be happening. its sad that each year we loose our sisters and brothers due to these brutal killings for how long must we feel the pain? for how long must this continue?

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  6. Its so sad that every second,minutes,hours,days,week,month and year that we come across horrific incidents that always happen to our community..the brothers we think that will protect us against hate crime,they are the one who hurt us..we really don’t have Freedom here.we have to live in fear because we scared of the cruel people we will find frm the outside..when will there be justice when we are loosing innocence that are very harmless..all that we need is to be loved,supported and protected…..Kuyoze kube nini Na..we are also human,our parents hurt when such happens,they also fear for our lifes.if the people who are so cruel to us and killing us,they find that one of her sister or brother was done the way they are doin to our sisters ?how would they feel?I guess at times people do not think…..I am glad the LGBTI parties were there to support and everyone who went to the Funeral..let us Stand together and be one,not unite only when incident happens but outside it.Zazi Ubuntu nd Singa bhekiseli other people Phantsi..

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  8. Dikeledi says:

    I too was at the the funeral and was disgusted by the ANC, i even opted to go sit in the car and waited for the funeral to proceed to the grave yard, I felt they hijacked the funeral and turned it into an ANC rally and really forgot the reason why we were there, who really needed the history lesson as if we do not have an level of understanding about the political issues of Mzansi, the ruling party should have concerned itself on catching the killers of DUDU and making sure by the time she is laid to rest there were suspects booked but no the did no, and yet the wanted to go on and on about ANC and democracy, sies on them maan, I felt so sorry for the family they were not even given enought time to talk about their loved one, for someone who went to the funeral and never met her, i still let without having a clue of the type of person she was. You could swear she served as a Mkhonto we Sizwe the way the carried on. We should as a people respect the dead and respect the morning family.

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  10. sibahle says:

    Its sad to see that even our mothers in the women league did not only come to the funeral to support, but to push an agenda for a political party. Our nation is dying if even people who have children at home do such things

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  13. Danisile says:

    The ruiling party has started to organise and campaign for the coming elections, therefore any gathering will serve as a platform for them to canvass. We as the LGBTI community should not give such people opportunities. Ask me, why… 2012, 67 minutes for Mandela marked a day where we Marched to the Chief Luthuli House forcefully…for the ANC to listen to our grievances, which included hate crimes but still perpetrators are still enjoying their freedom….why??? we are not taken seriously.

    Pardon me if im using a wrong platform but I feel that we should stand for our rights as voting South Africans. Think twice before casting your vote…..

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