2013 Sept. 11: Baby, last night was great for me

2013 Sept. 11:   Baby, last night was great for me

Selogadi Mampane, the artist gave the audience the best performance…

Photos by Collen Mfazwe

… captured at exhibition opening

What:  CRITICALLY QUEER is a group exhibition curated by Jabulani Chen Pereira featuring artists Neo Musangi, Kelebogile Ntladi, Dean Hutton, Selogadi Mampane, Dineo Seshee Bopape and Tyna Adebowale.

Where:  FADA Gallery (University of Johannesburg, Bunting Campus)
as from 10 – 17 September 2013.
According to the Iranti-Org facebook page, the exhibition invites visitors to gaze and interpret various elements of queerness as it relates to the body, identities, desire, sexuality and subversive visual expressions.
There is a walkabout of the exhibition on Saturday 14 September at 10h30

Some individuals and organisations in attendance were art fanatics;
Inkanyiso media (like always) and …
Uthingo Daveyton… Ihawu…
and some dedicated Queer youth from Tsakane

We missed the opening speech(es) but not the great photos from various artists and activists whose was on show.

we gee_5490

this gorgeous person showed off the blonde we-gee

Uthingo Daveyton & Friends_5519

Beautiful Daveyton Queer Youth and friends are staunched LGBT exhibition supporters.
I can’t wait to see some exhibitions like these reaching the South African townships like Daveyton, KwaThema, Tsakane, etc…


She is SomGaga and has a pretty smile.
Somizi is beauty pageant winner, also a cultural activist who came all the way from Daveyton to see herself…

Kopano & Simphiwe_5509

No Flash Please… Our journalist, Kopano Sibeko posing with Simphiwe Mbatha


This one is my favourite photo on show.
No wonder other women starred graciously in front of it

picture da frames_5460

Family portraits are very important for any Queer plan(ning)
I like these too and have own reservations though


Dean Hutton’s iPhone photos were the favorite of the night.
The man could not move an inch…

decent crowd_5486

Some decent crowd in audience… hope everybody understood the importance of this exhibition


… the life of an artist.
am glad that Joburg wintry is over.
Selo, you’ve excelled dearest.
Knowing me, I’m not Shwashwi next week I’ll have to get full details of this performance


… what else can I say
It is ooooooooooooooover… now. Good night Queers and allies


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1 Response to 2013 Sept. 11: Baby, last night was great for me

  1. d. says:

    Fantastic! Really wish that I could’ve been there. This is definitely one of my favorite blogs.

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