2013 July 14: Sistren of Mine

(For Lesbians in every Ghetto) 

by Zwelethemba Twalo

Who feels it knows it
Who loves it
lives it
I don’t live to harm or damn
Why must I condone or condemn
Who am I to judge or drudge
Why must you worry or be sorry
You’re gay be happy be merry
None can curse who God blesses
Others rejoice from their choices
Free from prejudice and injustice
Sistren of mine
Rise and shine
I spread love to one and all
Jah One love is unconditional
You’re lesbian, me Rastafarian
We’re both Afrikan and human
That’s why you’re so beautiful
Even thy attire too is wonderful
Sensuality knows no sexuality
Creativity loves all humanity
Sistren of mine
Rise and shine
Still the struggle continues
It’s a permanent revolution
Stand up for thy rights
Ease up internal fights
Unite and fight for real, true equality
Stand firm for the black community
Fear not projecting Afrikan personality
Resistance is surely a daily activity
Sistren of mine
Rise and shine
Let’s fight intolerance and violence
So that difference in term of religion
Politics as well as sexual orientation
We all encounter tribalism and racism
You also face homophobia and sexism
However as anyone and everyone
Your soul too is sacred
As such deserves no hatred.

© 2002/ 2003

About the author

Zwesh is a writer, poet, brother and a friend who spread love to everyone.
He also performs poetry and his writings to so many audiences around Gauteng and beyond.

He says, “I see God in all of us”.

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1 Response to 2013 July 14: Sistren of Mine

  1. Nandi San says:

    Beautiful words.


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