2014 Nov. 20: New York Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch

taken by Lola with iPhone 5

Where:  Walther Collection, New York.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC1


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC013Muholi being introduced by Artur Walther…


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC5“You’ll have to read the book from back to front” said Zanele Muholi.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC4


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC3


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC012My incredible New York people

From L-R: Artur Walther (owner of Walther Collection), Yancey Richardson (owner of Yancey Richardson Gallery), Catherine Morris (Brooklyn Museum: Sackler Family Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art), Zanele Muholi (photographer) and Judy Hecker (MoMA, Assistant Curator in Department of Prints and Illustrated Books).


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC011Surrounded by beauty… Featuring Ayana Jackson 

2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC9Muholi with Awam Amkpa (Prof. Tisch School of the Arts NYU) who co-initiated the Black Portraitures conference in 2013.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC010Nomonde posing with T. and Giyatri…

2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC8Contemplating… after the book was launched in this space and signing extra copies that Brendan Wattenberg requested me to sign. Am left here with 3 more individuals. Nomonde Mbusi, Brendan and Lola Flash is taking these memorable photos.


2014 Nov. 19 Muholi @ WC7



About Lola (the photographer)

Flash was born in the United States and is of African/Native American descent. She spent 10yrs in London where she regularly exhibited her work and also attained her MA. A classic Flash photograph ‘Stay afloat, use a rubber’ is part of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanant collection.

Her early work explored notions of colour, sexuality and gender. Her technique relied on the use of cross colour processing in the dark room, an effect which aided her confrontational and questioning style (see the miscellaneous gallery). Cassell publishing used several of these cross-colour works for a series of book covers.

While still in London, Lola embarked on her [sur]passing series, inspired by tales of light skinned black people who would pass as ‘white’ during America’s period of segregation. She expanded the notion of passing to include sexuality and gender. The series carried on after her return to New York where she followed it on with her later series surmise.

Later works, quartet and scents of autumn, saw her move away from portraits and explore colour, light, decay, and what lies between.

As can be seen in her new work, Lola is currently working on images unconstrained by theme.

Lola is available for commissioned work.

Lola is listed at autograph and en foco.



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4 Responses to 2014 Nov. 20: New York Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) book launch

  1. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Well done Muholi nami ngimgayithokozela incwadi cos ngiyawuthanda umsebenzi wakho

  2. I am very proud of yet another extraordinary achievement by you. Keep going. …you are an inspiration to many and will never know how many lives you touch, safe and change…keep going!

  3. Nonhle Kunene says:

    Zanele Muholi, ngicela unkulunkulu akubusise ngomsebenzi wakho omuhle uyangcomeka, ngisazozinika isikhathi sokukwazi kakhulu noku funda ngawe. busiseka ohambeni lwakho onke

  4. Pingback: 2016 April 27: Re/Uniting with Faces and Phases on Freedom Day | inkanyiso.org

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