2014 Nov. 11: The Artivist and the Doctor

… extracted from ZaVa series (2014)

Camera used: Canon 6D on tripod

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2014 Nov. 11 ZaVa _ PARKTOWN_4796


2014 Nov. 11 ZaVa _ PARKTOWN_4800


2014 Nov. 11 ZaVa _ PARKTOWN_4805


2012, is when we met in Paris…
2 years later feels like 20 years in a lesbian relationship is still ok.
We’ve traveled more than 20 cities within that short period of time
and had our photographs taken
from hotels rooms to any neutral space we discovered as safe.
We’ve been to:
Paris, Johannesburg, Florence (Italy), Durban, Umbria (Italy) , Cape Town, Geneva, Zurich, Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam, Ulm (Germany), Mpumalanga, Mozambique, Sao Paulo, Nice (France), …

We have a lot of differences.
She is a professional and I have my own expertise.
We argue, laugh and cry together.
We irritate each other and when we reconcile she tells me that we’ll reach 80 years together.
She lives in Europe and Me in South Africa.
Let me do not reveal the cities for now though other close friends know where we both live…

Lovemaking is great but sometimes challenging
due to roleplaying and all.
Mind you there is no third party involve in this one
It is just a collaboration between lovers
exploring intimacy fused with art activism
They say, “Love is not a crime…”
Let us all be free to love without fear of prejudice


To be continued…




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5 Responses to 2014 Nov. 11: The Artivist and the Doctor

  1. WOW
    I’m excited about this series. ZaVa neh.
    im too excited so I cant say what I wanna say lol

    I love what you are creating, beyond what many know and see.

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