2013 Aug. 22: Photo of the Day

2013 Aug. 22:   Photo of the Day

Paris, France.

My gratitude to my dearest friend Laurence Prat for giving me an opportunity to feature in her Warriors’ series.

Collaborations are a way to go so we’ll all reach some common goals and also to better realize our visual projects.

With this photo I’d like to pay tribute to my late mother Bester Muholi who worked as a domestic worker for more than 42 years to raise 8 children on her own with a meagre salary.
Allow me, also to acknowledge all those women who are doing domestic work to fend for their children in South Africa and beyond, as we continue to celebrate National Women’s Month in SA.

Bomama bethu siyanithanda.
Our Mothers, we love you so much.
Makwande zi Mbokodo.


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2 Responses to 2013 Aug. 22: Photo of the Day

  1. msiyana91 says:

    Epic photo… Love it!

  2. Jeremiah Sepotokele says:


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