2014 Oct. 8: Beautiful faces and kisses from Soweto Pride 2014




Thando Methane & Swag friend_6797



thandiswa look alike_6503



kisses & faces_6564





Busi Molaudzi 2_6553



dear friends_6550






Deli Mavuso & friend_6543



Londeka & Cia_6581






Lebo Tebogo_6576




Anza Khaba & friend_6593



Zamalek & friend2_6585






Friends gazing_6595



Anza & Dan_6592



Liziwe & friends_6607



Life is_6599
Tebogo SlyPod_6615



Tebogo Sly & friend_6612


SlyPod da fly_6625


SlyPod Dj Tebogo_6630



dykes fly_6629



Tebogo Mokobane & SlyPod_6627



SlyPod & DJ Puggy_6631



Likhase & friend 3_6624

Londeka & Dikeledi_6647


Tebogo Mokobane & lover_6645



Tebogo Mokobane_6642


Tebogo Mokobane_6641



My lesbian family_6669



Between friends_6649


Thabo love_6655




Sade & Sebe_6660



Wattville crew_6670



Mpumi & Nqobile_6666



Dikeledi & Tia_6662



between friends_6693



Aurora learners_6688



Dee Dlamini_6686


Funo Dee & Friend_6683



kiss love_6676



Dear Friends_6674



Lizzy Nabe_6696





absa & friend_6699




friendly love_6716


New York & fashion_6715


Carol and friends_6713


SlyPod & friends_6711


lovely hair_6706



oh love_6720


Pastor Tebogo Moema & Friend_6724


EPOC members_6727


pride kisses_6732


Fortune Masola & friend_6734


Lerato Dumse & friend_6736


Skipper & Sbu_6739



akhona friend phumzile cc matshepo_6752



Dancers _ Beauty_6748





Nokuzola & friend_6745






oh love_6741


Educator & friend_6764





friends friends_6758








SiyaCharmer & friend_6779



Maureen & Smanga_6788



Lolo & Sbongile_6778


Love Tumi1_6774


Love Tumi_6773


Papi & love_6767





Thando Methane1_6799



Nomvula Mnisi & Thandi Mbatha_6796



Nomvula _ Mbatha Twins _ Lisa_6794






in bw_6789



Faces of Pride_6785






Virginia Magwaza & Palesa Morare_6807



friends two_6810



Nox & friend_6813






friends & lovers_6821


Maphike & friend 2_6817



Maphike & friend_6819



Leptie & friend_6835





friends _ style_6834



Akhona & friend_6829



lovely faces_6830


DJ Puggy & friend_6827



Soweto Pride kisses_6531


Eva Mofokeng_6832


friends _ hugging_6838



friends with style_6840



friends _ jean_6841





Skeem Bathini & Friend_6850




Friends with SWAG_6851



Lindeka Lulama & Thando K_6848








Lindi Muholi & friend_6860


Bathini & friend_6878





Bathini Mbali & friends_6875



Norah & friend_6885



Tshidi Legobye & Maaki Pooe_6873



Power & Jabu WATTVILLE_6864


MuholiS & friend_6884



Bongiwe Friend & Cleo BusiMdaki_6883



Boni Shabalala & friend_6880


Bathini & friend2_6877



Mathabo Londi Dike & Friends_6528



Snoopy & friend_6524



Phumla & CC_6526



TP & friends_6517



Lesiba Sicka Eva_6523





Zakhe & friends_6510



Zakhe & Friends_6511



Likhase & friend_6514


Pinky & friends_6504






charmain & friend_6499






Mathabo & Sipho_6493






in red_6486








© Photos by Zanele Muholi (2014)

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    #LGBT #Youth was this #happy #Out #Awersome at #SowetoPride

  4. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Beautiful #lgbt photos from South Africa!

  6. Hlogy says:

    Kodwa itabane zinhle yoh

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