2015 Feb. 13: From Johannesburg to Oslo

Photo Album

by Nontuthuzelo Mduba, Themba Vilakazi and Zanele Muholi


2015 Feb.15 Bag wraps @OR by Ntuthu_88602015 Feb. 10:  Shaz aka “Sicka Starban” Mthunzi was lucky enough to be accompanied by her family to the airport. Her mother is standing on the far left (wearing a yellow top).


2015 Feb.10 Before check in point_88642015 Feb.10:  Checking in point. Shaz ‘Sicka’ was dead worried for not saying proper goodbyes to her family but later did…


2015 Feb. 10 Msa & Themba @OR_88672015 Feb.10:  Before departure, brothers called those who were closest to them.Msa and Themba could not stop leaving to those they love… I guess.


2015 Feb.10 Mbali b4 departure @OR Airport_88702015 Feb. 10:  The beautiful poser, Mbali Msweli did not care much about the delayed flight. It was late for 1.5 hrs…


2015 Feb. 10 Msa_89012015 Feb.11:  Msa spoke for almost the whole night longing for safe arrival. 
He begged us to pray before our departure…

2015 Feb.10 Sicka on plane_88972015 Feb. 10:  The hip hop star, Sicka could not even enjoy the movies due to exhaustion…



2015 Feb. 10 Themba2_88932015 Feb. 10:  The person who is supposed to take our photos is s… sleeping now. I had to be careful not to catch the flu that he suffered… The is Themba for you…


2015 Feb. 10 Mbali_88912015 Feb. 10: This photo was taken 3 hrs after the plane took off…

2015 Feb.11 The team on arrival in Oslo_89152015 Feb. 11:  On arrival at Oslo airport, welcomed by Tor Samuelsen who is holding a paper with our names…


2015 Feb.11 Sicka on arrival in Oslo_89222015 Feb. 11:  Shaz aka Sicka Starban at Oslo airport before we boarded the train to the city and connected to the Lillestrom


2015 Feb. 11 AAK facade on arrival_90332015 Feb. 11:  It is so damn cold here. We’ve been warned…  As we pitched at the Akerhus Art Center where the my exhibition will be opened on Sat. 21/02/2015.


2015 Feb.10 AAK invitation_9085

The theme of the exhibition is…


2015 Feb.12 AAC installation in progress _ Photo 1_91202015 Feb. 12:  Day after our arrival had to come to the Art Center for installation. Here the guys are busy mounting Faces and Phases portraits on the wall…


2015 Feb.12 AAC Installation in Progress photo 2_91092015 Feb. 12:  Every edge matters…


2015 Feb. 12 Installation_91162015 Feb. 12:  It is important that the photos are handled with care…


2015 Feb.12 Installation in progress_90802015 Feb.12:  Measurements and inches are key…


2015 Feb.12 In progress installation_9077


2015 Feb.11 AAK Announcement board_9084


Next week will have dialogues and other activities after the exhibition opening…

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