2015 Feb. 16: VMCI is a home away from home

by Tinashe Wakapila

Red, Black and White are always the best definition of love and
sharing. On February 15, members of Victory Ministries Church International (VMCI) looked bright, while wearing these colours. They were commemorating Valentine’s Day, which was celebrated the day before.


Congregants at VMCI - Durban moving to worshipping song.  Photo by Charmain Carrol (2015/02/15)

Congregants at VMCI – Durban moving to worshipping song.
Photos by Charmain Carrol (2015/02/15)

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As usual, the service commenced shortly after 11am, with the praise and worship team singing and inviting the Holy Spirit. The intersession is a way of cleansing a Christian meeting place, as well as calling upon the Holy Spirit to do some divine intervention. This is done so that when there are any evil spirits or demonic attacks, they get dealt with. Just like many Pentecostal churches, VMCI starts the service this way.

One thing about VMCI is that no one goes out without receiving something. Be it healing, delivery, love, peace of mind, motivation or whatever you may need, you are bound come out of the church with it.

The church has 5 main rites that are practiced weekly. It includes the welcoming and introductory rite (visitors and those who are new or just passing by are given time to introduce themselves). Then an announcement is made, “Bonke abantu abazizwa ukhuti base khaya lana edlini ka Jesu Krestu, kufanele babone ubabu Ndlela, ba gchwalise i form, lokuba yi member” (meaning all those who feel at home must see Mr Ndlela to fill in a membership form).

The program then moved on to Bab’ Mkhize with this week’s word of encouragement. Mkhize enhanced the congregant’s spirits with hope after preaching from Acts chapter 16, verse 25 and sharing the story of Paul and Silas who were imprisoned because of doing God’s work. In encouraging us, Mkhize stressed how the door will always open as long as we take it all to the Lord in prayer, and to never lose hope that the Lord will answer.

Next it was the rite of offertory, led by bible verses to help people give whole-heartedly. Another elder of the church, Mam’ Mkhize (no relation to bab’ Mkhize) shared a scripture from Malachi 3 vs. 8.

Then came time for the gospel of the Lord, preached by Pastor Z. Zungu. John 11 was the chosen book, and focused on being patient with the Lord God almighty, “because his time is always right” added Zungu.

The pastor elaborated how God always turns messes into messages, tests into testimonies and victims into victors! Personally as a writer and member of VMCI I always find it possible to go back home with the positive energy. Even when I have been drained and defeated by emotional frustrations, I always find it as a fountain of the Lord’s grace.
Victory Ministries Church International is a place that one feels at home, even when far from Home.



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