2015 Feb.28: Norwegian press responses on Muholi’s Art of Activism show

What:  Art of Activism
Where:  Akershus Art Center
On show as from: 21 Feb. – 29 Mar. 2015
Titles: Translated from Norwegian to English by Vibeke Hermanrud, co-founder of Kunstplass 10, Oslo


2015 Feb. 28 _ Illustration 1

– a lesbian and gay magazine in Norway – “Activism as art», March nr 3-2015


2015 Feb. 28 Illiustration 2

– a large daily newspaper targeting mostly Oslo, Akershus and Eastern part of Norway.
«Activism and poetic touch»


2015 Feb. 20 Illustration 3

– the largest national daily newspaper in Norway. «Art that is making a difference»
– It says: “Zanele Muholi believes in art’s ability is to make the world a better place.»
by the well known art critics Kjetil Røed


2015 Feb. 25 Illustration 4

Klassekampen – a relatively large, radical daily newspaper targeting people all over Norway.
«The way it actually is» and it says: «I normally do not not give a direct recommendation to see a show, but I am making an exception here», «A damn important exhibition – regardless of whom or how you love»,
by the well known art critics Tommy Olsson.
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Bilder fra søndagens omvisning og konsert




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2015 Feb. 21:  SA Ambassador to Norway opens Muholi’s exhibition




2015 Feb. 19:  Trending with Shaz ‘Sicka’ in Oslo




2015 Feb.15:  “I have won again”




2015 Feb. 13:  From Johannesburg to Oslo




2015 Feb. 11:  Preliminary program for Zanele Muholi




2015 Feb. 10:  Another round for Norway






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2 Responses to 2015 Feb.28: Norwegian press responses on Muholi’s Art of Activism show

  1. lungilepm says:

    The work you do is amazing keep being a great ambassador for South Africa and the LGBTI in general, aluta continua.

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