2012 Dec. 22 Audre Lorde : The Berlin Years 1984 – 1992

…brief review by Lynne Carrol

Duration:  79 mins
Year: (2012)
Produced by Dagmar Schultz

“Your silence won’t protect You” – AL

The documentary gives you an in depth look at the work and life of Audre Lorde but more specifically the work she did in Berlin, giving light to the fact there are black people in Germany Afro German as they are known now. For the life of me did not know that black people existed beyond Denmark. 

The documentary shows you how this highly influential woman ignited a worldwide movement by just using her poetry she brought about change by altering people’s feelings by her words. The documentary teaches one that working together regardless of gender or sexual orientation working together we can achieve much more which goes to prove that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword if used correctly. Those familiar with Audre Lorde will highly enjoy this film and it is also a great introduction to those who don’t know her work.  


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