2013 March 8: Remember Me When I’m gone…

by Busi Sigasa

For I…
Wrote stories for the nations to read
Stood without fear and told my story
I smiled and greeted without judging
I influenced positive living to the sick
I planted seeds of hope to the hopeless
I groomed and grew
the younger ones whose parents died
I created artistic designs with my hands
I crafted and drew beautiful pictures
I installed education
l reasoning to some
I taught represented the minority to the majority
I made nations aware
I wronged some and made some happy
I survived against odds
I swallowed my medication even as hard as it was it was sometimes
I did so to remain strong and too
l live my life regardless of my status
I fought for women to be taken into serious consideration
by our government
I wrote and said “my” spoke word
I fought and showed many that there’s nothing wrong with being diabetic, epileptic and HIV
I represented many of the HIV infected lesbian sisters
I told the truth never mind the judgments
I lived and I’m still living
I loved and prayed to my GOD
I prayed without hesitation, for,
I believe/d
I was a big sister to my younger sisters
I listened to my mother’s teachings
I became friends with father
I captured moments with my camera
I brought forth what was unseen to the nations
through the power of image, pen and paper
I struggled to make it life
I was taken for a ride by some whom
I thought were friends
I showed my rapist how strong I was
regardless that he poisoned my blood with his HIV
I believed and prayed
I stood low and respected all regardless of their age,
colour and size
I say along with others
I had a unique voice
I had a message to deliver and a vision to see
I tried,
I fell and I never succeeded sometimes
I was patient while to some
I was strange
I was loved by some and was hated by some,
STILL I did my thing
I loved and appreciated beautiful women
I loved them more than life itself
Some would say…
I am full shit!
but spiritually I was full
I was fed with GOD’s glory that’s why I praised HIM
I praised HIM more than I praised friends
I am my mother’s daughter
I made history and marked historical books of this world
FOR…without no doubt
I’ll and I am in peace with my maker and creator.

© 2006


About the author

Busi Sigasa was born in Soweto on the 23 Dec. 1981 and passed on on the 12th March 2007.

Her work featured in Breaking the Silence: positive Survivors – published by POWA as an annual writing competition and she won a prize.

Busisiwe went public about her HIV positive status in 2006, which resulted from a rape incident. She encouraged others to do the same. South Africa has one of the most severe AIDS epidemics in the world and some people have dubbed it the “rape capital” of the word.

She posted poems on her blog about her experience as a person living with HIV, her belief in God and the difficulty of being a lesbian in South Africa.


Join us on the 6th April as we celebrate and commemorate Busi & Buhle s lives.



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10 Responses to 2013 March 8: Remember Me When I’m gone…

  1. Margo says:


  2. Charmain Carrol says:

    Wow! Busi wrote this as if she knew the inevitable and at peace with it. Amazing!

  3. hlengi says:

    With words like this,,, its how’s how powerful words are,,,,I’m very touched

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  5. Lelethu says:

    Sad but certainly inspiring

  6. Gay Pasley says:

    The rapes continue. I admire her strength. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. Nomzi says:

    This is a touching poems and I know God is so glad to haver an angel like her may her fying spirit live long..rest in peace cc

  9. zanele says:

    Wow R.I.P deeply touched!

  10. sistah Hlongwane says:

    This is really sad.

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